Sunday, April 13, 2014

Brand Bonang!

If you tune into Metro FM weekdays from 9:00 to 12:00 you will appreciate what you are about to read. South Africa unlike the entertainment capital that is USA has a few of Bonang Mathebas’ but not strategic enough or brand savvy as Mzansi’s IT girl. Though we are aware that behind any brand there is a team of professionals who in their chosen fields aim to outshine competition, it is no secret that you can sure take a horse to the river but you can never force it to drink water. This industry championed by fame has no longevity especially for IT girls - there was Vmash once!

So how does a girl with just a dream become one of the most employable in Pearl-ville?

Talent and ambition; though being the backbone of one’s longevity, it alone won’t attract success that can be maintainable. Have you ever heard of Charm School? Anyway at work they will assess you on a 360 degrees format which includes all the ingredients that makes the talent worthwhile -workmanship, punctuality, personality and behaviour are amongst those ingredients. They change all the time which opens another great point.

Vision; you can never hit the spot if you aim incorrectly. Working towards something put you in a position to attract major game changers and outsmart your competitors. However though analysing competition comes in handy never copy anyone be unique. Nothing screams look at me like something fresh.

Then again we are not the same however whichever line of work one is interested in these two things has been evident in success of major individuals. There are other factors that are as important as them but in my opinion the rest is up to you. The most exciting thing about building a brand is the unknown. PR machines may disagree but where is the fun in copying others while you can create your own unique proposition which if marketed correctly can end up on global shores.

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