Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cry little girl cry

Who can i turn to? Who in this world did i wrong? The elders whom are supposed to protect me are asking me to do the right thing. Their “right thing” is the problem, can’t they see? I am being raised in the village which is situated next to nothing but the beautiful mountains and trees. The sweet sounds of birds in the morning – the only good thing here.

The teachings at school are being criticised for filling our minds with nonsense so are the teachers. The playground which boys constantly abuse us on has become a place i no longer wish to embrace as my solace. Once it filled the empty space inside me, giving me hope that i too one day will see the beach and the lights my father told me about. He works in the mines far away from home.

The village is too small for me and stuck in the old ways which are outdated. Its as if the world has forgotten us, the shade is so dark you can barely see the sun. Speaking of a sun, it is not good for a girl to wake up while the sun is out if full swing in the morning – in fact its taboo. You are being trained to one day head your own home, what kind of a women will you be if you go against the elder’s rules?

Loudly i am told i should stop wishing for a life in the city with lights in one of the preparations for my initiation school coming up in winter school holidays. I cried and hoped the word could just open and swallow me.

.....the initiation is the right thing which i fail to see as the right thing. Together with my close friend we started planning to flee the village to a place far where no one can find us. Little did i know that there is a river which we would have to cross which is home to Crocodiles. Our teacher told us they can eat one alive in a minute.
Having to abandon our plan was not easy, now we are one week to the ceremony.

To be continued
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