Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Sex business

At first glance one wouldn’t notice the busy road in Rosebank, an affluent Johannesburg suburb – well depending on one’s understanding of the word “busy”. The road it’s always in the spotlight, recently so at Kenny Kunene’s roast which took place at The Lyric Theatre. Khanyi Mbau knew what is Oxford Road and what is actually happening there though courtesy of the roasters.

An artistic magnificent bank building evidently dominate that street during the day, though still clearly visible at night, another kind of “view” take the centre stage. Prostitution is one big illegal industry in this country Oxford being the leader evidently. The services ranges make this market a force to be reckoned with and one which attracts locals and tourists alike.

The traders on this street claim they are sometimes harassed in the hands of the law, one will think this will make them disappear. Not so long ago i had an interview with a Rent boy conducted via BBM which you can read here. The more the conversation got deeper the more it was clear that the majority of these men are in it to get by. Unlike the Oxford Road, theirs is conducted in a way that will leave any parent shivering. I am sure there are plenty of reasons which make one expose themselves to this unsafe and ungoverned working place but who is to blame?
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