Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Who is right on social media?

"Your mother will be so ashamed if she had to go through your TL or page"

Brands are very spot-on especially online. The tone of the brand is proof of that. From their tweets to their Facebook posts it's easier for the users to either identify with them or not. But with personal profiles it is not really about the voice though some users have tried continually to align themselves with desired voices.

Social media is here right now so how you embrace it should not be decided by the next person unless you have a mentor who is guiding you through in your field of interest. So, ideally we all want to look good online but that will depend on our own explanation of the word, right?

What on social media are we saying it's right?

1. Don't over-share
2. Follow/friend positive users
3. Respect others
4. "RT" so they can "RT"/"like" so they can "like"
5. Follow back

It maybe the general use-book for most but it is certainly not a must-adhere to. People are on social spaces for reasons known to them. There is no use in spending the whole day judging,the best way is to not associate. The constant bashing of others may seem fun to political cadres and entertainment critics, do not engage unless you are one or aspire to be one.

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