Saturday, May 31, 2014

Digital Marketers! Stop it! This is not America or Europe

In this industry, everyone is an expert and they are not wrong in claiming that as most have previous work to show for it or experience as they put it. Some are somewhat mavericks as they are constantly being praised by industry peers and clients alike. Is it because of the size of agencies they work for or award-winning work they have produced in the past?

With the industry so saturated, it’s not surprising that clients are investing so much in campaigns they hope will live up to ROI elements presented in meetings sometimes hosted at the famous coffee shops in the city centre. Sure, the agencies have the clients’ best interest at heart, in fact, let’s just say they will deliver so we are politically correct. But seriously, can we just stop with the American way of doing things and one size fits all digital solutions. We know you have won awards, but that was last week, you have the know-how resources, however, you need to approach every campaign differently.

A brief is there to guide the creative process as it clearly states the objectives of the campaign at hand and other details I won’t waste time discussing (maybe next time). The point I want to highlight though is this: most digital strategies for campaigns even digital agencies for that matter, are literally based on Americans and Europeans market. If you closely inspect them, the thread is so visible you will see it. And clients please stop saying “I want that similar campaign A did last week”: what A did may not work for you, in fact, you are not A.

South Africa is slowly embracing the digital world, in the same breath with most brands, but this doesn’t mean as a creative you have to go read a blog post written by an American as part of your research to WOW the client. Those bloggers write based on the behaviours or their understanding of their own countries, not necessarily South Africa. Their “how to” strategies may not work for you, even worse they may push that client out the door. It requires you to be honest with your client, I know you need the business but trust me you won’t have business without effective and practical digital strategies/solutions.

If you have just secured a new client or an old client one just gave you another brief, good for you. Before you brief your team, this might help you in making sure you retain that client. Especially if you client/s require a solid social media presence. Gurus will advise you to firstly draft a solid strategy which you can forward to your client with great graphics with images from iStock and graphs. However, they don’t tell you that in this country we have diversity and this has affected our interaction with social media.

I can’t tell you exactly what to do as it might not work either, however, I feel you need to know this. There are different twitters in South Africa: one being black the other being white amongst the other ones etc. What this means is, you have to decide which twitter you would like to focus on or grow the brand’s awareness on. In a case where you are not sure where the brands will most likely fit, go back to marketing school, you may have missed the “target market” module. Determining the brand’s target market is very important, not only that, but your online plan won’t materialise if that is not done. Some brands, however, appeal to a quite number of groups that consists of both black and white twitters even spreading across other twitter groups.

Facebook on the hand is still an active social space; it’s slowly becoming a regional phenomenon than national though. What I mean is that, some groups in society are not active as compared to the next group. Its shine was stolen when cool kids like Twitter and Instagram arrived. Their changes aren’t helping either in reviving the once preferred visual social site.

Digital marketing is a beast; I just touched on one or two aspects amongst other million things. Stop with the world mindset, understand you are in South Africa and unfortunately things are different online.

Fashion Report

In fashion circles, every designer is fighting to be noticed and often wishes to dress the biggest stars in the country. Some are forced to dress willing stars for free in a bid to get noticed. It is tough for them as other big brands from around the world and in the country are forever parading the red carpets at the less than 20 big events we have in this country. The thing is stars have their PR machine oiled as a result they can’t deal with unknown designers, let alone stylist.

Magazine spreads, however, are in their own league. They are looking for the next fashion item that can blend well with their various themes they go for with every issue. I think this is a market most designers are not capitalising on.

Anyway, I would like to commend Laduma, owner of Maxhosa and the team from Skorzch. Though they are both producing different men fashion pieces, they are constantly featured on magazines’ fashion pages.

If you are not a fashion person: Skorzch is a men fashion brand producing classic bespoke suits while Maxhosa are bringing back the knitted jerseys and other fashionable items you can mix with both casual and formal wear. Thapelo Mokoena may tell you that he wore the two brands and he looked super hot.

Magazine update

If you haven’t heard yet, Kabomo Vilakazi, the soulful artist, often compared to the American soul superstar, Anthony Hamilton has gone back to the deadline driven magazine world as the Editor of the newly launched True Love Man. The men stable forms part of the already big Media24 women magazine, True Love. I, for one, was excited to the announcement. This mrepa has talent in so many facets of the arts.

There wasn’t much PR done to introduce this magazine apart from one or two mentions there and there. I say this because they are in the gold mine, they should have went all out. This is my opinion; however, this didn’t stop me from buying the magazine. For now as I tweeted the other day, they are still new. Serious work is still need to be done for them to succeed. I hope Kabomo is ready.

If you haven’t bought it yet, give me a call. Do not expect any GQ or Destiny Man type magazine, it is different. In fact they claim to serve a different market to those two.

After fourth copy, we can talk about them, for now let’s just support Kabomo and his team. I will offer my 2cents opinion if they ask.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Capricorn FM full presenters list

Limps, here are your entertainers:

DJ's - Ladies

1. Itumeleng Banda
2. Hellen Seabi
3. Alleta Mathumba
4. Prudence Mabasa
5. Thato Moloto
6. Hlekani Shikwambana
7. Kenzy Mohapi

Newsreaders - Ladies

1. Katekani Makhubele
2. Refilwe Maake
3. Itumeleng Kekana
4. Mamoloko Matsimela

Sports - Ladies

1. Mmaphuthi Mashamaite
2. Lethabo Kganyago

and guys - DJ's

1. Joey Ntlatleng
2. Sechaba Monyakeni
3. Pete Radali
4. Big Daddy Ramabulana
5. Eugene Mahlaba
6. Jay Matli
7. Mothusi Makhosholo
8. Black Moakamedi
9. Thabiso Kotane
10. Dj Complexion
11. Maxwell Modiba

News and Sports

1. Jeffrey Mogale
2. Daniel Raboshakga

For more information on the shows, visit CapriconFM

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Three kinds of problems

Thanks to the creators of all social media networks, it is through them that I discovered that as South Africans, we are still divided. This time around not because of race, though some problems can be linked with certain races, but phases which I prefer to call problems. Though these problems are easy to spot on those spaces, they are alive in each and every individual who has a heart. Yes, the organ that pumps blood according to Biology or Life Science to born-frees. A problem exists to be solved and each is different thus making the solution different.

Third-world problems
Family perspective: It comprises of mostly families that live from hand to hand with a lesser percentage of those families that have to adjust to a new life because the funds to maintain the life they were used to, are no longer there. Leaving through social grants, minimum resources and with some, a breadwinner’s salary which can only cover basics. The government is often blamed and critically criticised for not doing enough to curb this, but no one rarely offers an effective plan that can yield better results than that used by the government. In communities that these families live, you will find that the services others take advantage of like proper sanitation are not there. However, it is not everywhere. Children from this families end up acquiring skills and qualifications that promote their families to the next problems but the reality is they are just a salary away from relegated back to this problem. In the morning, instead of choosing from either Cereals or Bacon with a some scrambled eggs for breakfast, whatever is available fill the tummies until the next meal. It is very sad because they too deserve better, but for now they have to make the most of what they have.

Individual perspective: Either you live in the family that is the above as a breadwinner who makes sure that everyone is looked after or you do not have any family at all. Guys and ladies dominating this problem earn very less if they have work and those that are looking or just not interested in making the most of their lives. The good thing of this problem is that mostly are working towards something restlessly making sure that their circumstances do not determine their tomorrow. Their level of understanding with regard to life in general is motivating. If you visit them you are bound to leave a changed man, but one thing is for sure, they are struggling to make ends meet. The only thing keeping them going is that fire burning inside them. They know that if they work hard and focus on the dream, they will soon reap the rewards.

Second-world problems

No need to focus on family on this problem but an individual. The people that you find here have their own set of struggles that are somewhat funny but real. If it’s not stuck in traffic tweeting about it, you will find them at the clubs sipping the finest beverage they can afford. However, it’s not all play, they too still work hard to make sure they remain at this problem while aiming for the first problem. Their families aren’t seriously struggling nor does their kids. Owning the latest gadgets and living in comfortable apartments and some owning houses already. Every young kid would love to be like them, what they do not know is that some of this people flash and live in debt. Some of them lack discipline when it comes to cash, threatening their opportunities to own proper properties and join the first world problem.

First-world problems
Very cautious of spending but hardly borrows smaller amounts of cash from friends. Their accounts are far better than those in second world. Though it may seem that they are struggling in the eyes of fashionistas, their moola is huge enough to look after them for some few years should their sources of income evaporates. This is where what lawyers call a Will makes much better sense and leaving to please people syndrome hardly features.

Does Nyaope destroy our future leaders?

As a parent and guardian to boys I didn’t want to write about this topic at first. You know that saying that old people always talk about – if you laugh at other people’s children doing badly or in bad life conditions, what makes you think that yours won’t end up like them. No one wishes badly for children, theirs or not. It takes a village to raise a child afterall. The issue of Nyaope affect the whole community.

Nyaope is that drug that has made our future leaders numb and us parents fuming. In most locations in Gauteng, nyaope addicts support their addiction by doing all sorts of bad things. Blaming Pretoria as the originator of the drug doesn’t help; at least the government has tightened the law screws.

Made from foreign substances, the drug has destroyed and turned some of our children into thieves. The reality is, we as parents leave in prisons that are our homes; our children sell household items to a mere R10 sometimes even half of that just so they can satisfy their edge. There is no progress as far as their lives are consent.

We cry every night to a sight of our children looking like hobos.

We cry to the sight of our children who are roaming the main streets in the early hours of the morning to act as taxi signs for passengers who are sometimes robbed in their hands.

We cry because now already the household budget is stretched, we cannot afford rehab and when we can they simply refuse to be admitted.

We cry to a sound of the police siren, or even a knock at the door by strangers. Some of
our kids never make it alive at these streets due to their naughty ways.

The community cannot afford to stomach the crimes that are encouraged by this drug. Mob justice has claimed our kids lives. You will think that other addicts will stop but no this does not even scare them one bit.

Are you a manager or a leader?

Corporate culture differs per industry if not per company; however, you are bound to find a manager. Some environments like advertising agencies that are less formal, one may argue that the two are not there. Nothing wrong with this believes given that only few people can tell the difference between a manager and a leader. This is just my opinion.
Back in school, we had two kinds of popular pupils. One kind known for bad and, bad in their right mind is good as long as the famous star bestowed upon them by fellow pupils is not threatened. Then you find the other, working hard, not because they are brainy but understand the equation that is life at that time.

At school this may not have made much difference as what and who is popular seem to be the norm. Well, a manager will manage. Not to be popular but in a fashion that is shocking, let alone with no beneficial results as per my observation. Their day consist of making sure that those under their arm understand who is the manager. Here are five characteristics that I think describe a manager;

1. Micromanage their staff at any given time. They will go as far tracking your lunch time, and anyone who dares question their powers receive a serious threat with “I am a manager” at the end of the sentence.

2. At most they are not open to learn from their team members. For them when it’s not done their way, though there are other shorter ways of getting the same results, it’s not done. They feel undermined by this and will do in their power to eliminate the “problem”.

3. “Yes boss!” kind of a person. As they lack forecast and at times skills necessary to put their arguments across professionally, the only words they know is those two.

4. Take credit for others’ hard work.

5.Delegate even task that are confidential and should be done by them. Simply because they don’t know how to.

I am sure you have worked or working with this kind. And with every company, there are plenty of managers that have these traits plus many others that can fill a page.

A leader on the other hand, always looking for solutions that are sustainable and in every event does not pull stunts that are unnecessary. Some staff members tend to label them as stupid and even take advantage of them. Constant late comers know them very well, instead of screaming, they sit down and together find the real reason and come up with a suitable solution that benefit the rest of the team. Their characteristics are the opposite of the manager.

If you work with any of the two, please feel free to share the experience on the comments section. Its always awesome hearing others stories

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Latest on Mariah Carey

I used to call her music "old", I was not that into music at the time. What was popular grabbed my attention. Even though I would wake to my sister's loud attempts to "Always be my baby" in the morning, to me Mariah Carey appealed to older people.

Fast forward to now, even though her star power is not as big as back then, Mrs Nick still manages to release at least good albums. Her new offering simply titled "Me. I Am Mariah" is set to release on the 27th of this month.

Speaking of albums, seems like Americans music superstars don't have time for clubs. Here are some of the artists that are also dropping this year;

50 Cent aka Khethlano - Animal Ambition
Jennifer Lopez hers is A.K.A.

Big up to them.

source metacritic
Image from thatgrapejuice

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mafikizolo nominated for BET

Wow! Lira and Donald of "I Deserve" fame are other artists nominated in the past, this year, however, the nomination is celebrated by the Kalawa outfit, Mafikizolo.

Personally something tells me they may win this one. The awards are to take place in New York City on the 29th of June.

TimesLive published the full nomination list on their website.

Monday, May 12, 2014

NEW on this blog – Reads review

Reading is like playing “snake” on Nokia 3310 to me, so it’s only fair that this awesome reads get a review. Destiny Man will officially start this new and exciting segment.
If you are not aware yet, there is a magazine by Ndalo Media titled Destiny Man though I strongly doubt you aren’t. Anyway, I for one, find their take on different topics, mostly business, amazing.

Without wasting time, May-June 2014 issue is still keeping it fresh, ex Tsogo Sun CEO covering the issue. Don’t expect any juicy details on why he left. What is intriguing is the fact that, he doesn’t have any formal qualification under his belt but the man did very well at his previous employers and continues to do so. It goes to show that with determination and actually working, anything is indeed possible. Another interesting segment which is interesting: the “Unpacking Africa Today” – the stories are indeed inspiring. Africa is growing and the rest of the world better Watch out.

Songstress Pu2ma (hope the spelling is right) shares this and that about her growing career.

Do you fake it during sex?

Often, not that is a bad thing, we listen to our friends narrate their boring sex lives, either with their partners or casual encounters. They complain that they didn’t “cum” or the other party did so too early. Sometimes with this kind of a conversation, friends may encourage cheating knowing very well that it is wrong, in fact, not fair to the other party. Well, the reality is, it takes two to tango. Whether we like it or not, sex plays a big role in relationships even in friendships for some people, however, there are no guarantees when it comes to satisfaction. Its either you take matters into your own hands and initiate the sex that you want or just pray and hope you will be satisfied in the end.

Perhaps saying that you should take matters into your own hands, it’s not really going to help or have you gasping for air during the deed. Nonetheless, this is necessary.

What should you do then?

Let’s just say you just met someone and you are not sure how to put your point across regarding how you would like to be sexed.

So like initiate the conversation, go as far as asking what your person would like in bed. It helps in knowing what you are dealing with rather than just waiting for that big day – big because it is a big deal for the first time after all.

Feelings can’t be forced; you will just brew failure instead of long lasting sessions. If you are not feeling it, chances are that person is not enjoying at all. Planning for sex may help but sadly it’s not for everyone, some people enjoy the “what if we get caught” while others prefer all the candles and lacy underwear etc. Focus on what works for you.

Faking orgasm may work well with sometimes but it will mean you aren’t getting it right. This habit is disgusting, get rid of it. If you are not in the mood for sex, say so!

“Give it to me” whispered between grasp for air, should be the only words heard by those walls or grass or car ...the point is wherever you are, enjoy it.

If you have any advice, Please share. We all need advice

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Thula Sindi on E-commerce

A graduate landing a lucrative job, still nursing the hangover from the graduation after party. You won’t hear this everyday! That’s for sure, which can be so cool. Well, Thula Sindi, is that guy who not only tells this tale but actually lived it.

You probably wondering how did a boy from a small place like Kleksdorp make it so fast, what you don’t know is that he is still an entrepreneur striving in the growing fashion industry. It didn’t happen overnight, but now he’s embracing E-commerce like a pro.

Check out his website and buy if you can afford . Thank me later

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Here's how to comment on this blog?

Should you feel the need to engage with me or just to share your opinion on a post, you are more than welcome to do so. Please make sure you pick "anonymous" option, in that you eliminate the admin of logging in.

You can forward me an email as well, details on the profile.

Thanks for reading :)

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What are we not communicating in love?

While many will tell you that they better cry in the BMW X5 than at Noord taxi rank, it is not a secret anymore that we all want love with all that it brings – great sex, companionship and to some material things. It takes two to tango thus making falling in love even more difficult. You will find that personalities are not quite matching or there is no clarity in terms of the state of what may seem like a solid partnership. There is no formula in dating nor in marriage, everyone apply what works and those that find themselves in the wrong side of the love, are embracing what is now called Side-dish. The reality is, it has to start somewhere even it means in the wrong side, but seriously we have grown to force
love. It is ok to go after what you want but not cool to drag others to your page. Your page may make sense to you but to the person you dragged along it may be overwhelming.

The problem often arises when there is no honest communication from both parties. The moment this ingredient is missing, the cake that is that partnership, does not taste or look good. Lately, it is easier just to believe that things are ok whereas they are not. Ideally communication should be the Alpha and Omega, however, sometimes others will not be interested that should be a reason enough to ship out.

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Circumcised dick receives the most exhilarating blow job

Winter school holidays are around the corner meaning young boys in Limpopo and other areas will be subjected to insults from older boys who have since attended the famous yet troubled Initiation school. Not the insults you and I, are used to but kinds that only make sense to them. The older boys feel superior in the mercy of the younger boys. However, they forget that others have lost their precious lives in the hands of elders who could not save them. They are councils that are tasked with making sure that all initiation school are within the prescribed and required criteria, this has not stopped fly-by-night schools to cash in on the initiation season which differs according to which part of the country you are from. The tradition dates back to the days of our forefathers, before early 2000’s, this ritual was worshiped by teenagers and respected by those who knew its importance to a young a boy.

As a parent and a guardian to young boys, this period scares me. Simply because government has introduced a free circumcision programme which is widely marketed as safe. Not only that, but private doctors are also equipped with the tools and skills to perform the circumcisions. If you count correctly, there are three options - how do I choose?

Though tradition is something close to our hearts, practicality and common sense should be applied. All have risks, and the main goal in all is circumcision. The traditional one is quite a sensitive issue as what happens there is not to be discussed in public platforms, so this makes it difficult to obtain accurate information. Google has some titbits, but i as an alumni, I feel those are not accurate and paint a wrong picture. Medical one is not complicated at all, with just one appointment; one can fully get a picture of the whole procedure. Either private or the government one, they are both defined as medical circumcision.

Being circumcised has benefits sexually and heath wise. It helps with the prevention of unwanted diseases but it does not man condoms are not important. In fact you should use it all the time. Blowjob is great, but even more exhilarating receiving if circumcised and this is my opinion.

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Either our qualifications are so bad or we are!

Unemployment stats are shocking in this country. It was everyone’s topic especially politicians as they recited speeches at their rallies. While others claimed that they have a better understanding than that of the ruling party when it come to this issue, this still did not offer any quick turn.

Life starts innocently in crèche all the way to varsity. But the reality strikes just after graduation, that reality clearly show that not everyone who graduates will get a job. It does not end there; the brother who could not afford higher education fees might face the same fate. There are some serious reasons why this is happening every year, but it hasn't stopped majority to start own businesses or to push even harder to get the job. Do we blame the ruling party or ourselves?

Don’t get me wrong I also struggle/d to secure employment but what I have discovered working may not necessarily work for you. Either way, these are some of the things that I think one should have in today’s competitive working world;

•Attitude is everything. While behaving like attention seeking lunatic on social media will qualify you as a tweleb, your attitude towards life should be different. Understand why you are alive, what you want to achieve and be your own motivator. Read a lot of career advice columns and success stories of people in the field you are interest in, it will give you an upper hand and also have passion for that industry, nothing beats a passionate person

•Do not compare yourself to others. Life has no friend, it will sure you serious flames. Some of your friends will get the job before you or succeed before you do, do not complain instead focus on your hustle. The more you are self confident and aware of your strength, the better the chances of making it big

•Network. In your chosen industry, there will be those people you look up to. Instead of wishing you were them, talk to them, ask for advice. They may have great insights that you will need in future

•Work bitch. Nothing works until you do.

These are just are just pointers and there is still a CV to master etc. Find you way and make mistakes, which is the only way you will learn.

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Quotes from Lira’s book – Making Herstory

It is rare for a South African artist to release a book that actually sells and matches up to the artist's success in the business. At first I was a lil hesitant to buy this book;I was not entirely sure whether it is worth the time and money. Below are words that resonated with me on a much deeper level from the book, they may not make sense as they are taken from different chapters in the book:

1. Although some months were better than others, I was doing far better financially than I had in a very long time. That year my turn-over was double my annual salary as a full-time employee. My song-writing royalties had yielded some great returns. Suddenly I had extra income to see me through.

2. Thoughts really do become thing.

3. She is a self-made billionaire who started with nothing but a dream, hard work and determination. (Referring to Mama Oprah as her kids from OWLA call her)

4. To know that life will respond if we just have the courage to make the first move.

5. Deciding for myself how to see myself.

6. It is therefore unrealistic to base your expectations on what we see Americans stars doing.

7. Set ambitious yet realistic expectations for yourself. To think practically and not like some superstar fantasy as seen on TV.

8. A happy team is a productive team.

9. A lack of planning will always cause you to work aimlessly without a destination.

10. They are not responsible for my dream.

11. What we invest the time and effort to harness, we will master.

12. If I allow anyone in, it’s on my terms. I don’t see the need to market myself in this way.

13. We don’t have a real paparazzi problem in SA yet.

14. We are responsible for showing up.

15. Do what you can, with what you have.

16. Gives her consumers excellent quality.

17. She pays her band members on a monthly basis.

18. Music industry paints a glamorous picture.

19. She needed to create it.

20. The saddest thing about this story is that until this day, Arthur has never paid me for any mechanical publishing rights for my first album or issued me with a statement.

If there are any other quotes you think I left out please feel free to add them on the comments section.

Images by City Press and Destiny Connect

Team Bonang 1 – Team Kelly 0

Branding is misunderstood in celebrity circles. What they fail to digest is that no brand is a brand unless it is packaged and works like one. Brands have an identity and pro’s behind them working tirelessly to uphold their USPs'. The mere fact that one is on TV, doesn’t translate into brand identity. Hence they end up with PR companies that are forever targeting platforms that do not communicate their messages nor sell them appropriately.

Currently Bonang Matheba seem to be getting it right, and continues to attracts avenues that not only have money to make but are worshipped by her target market, making her relevant and unique. Sylvester Chauke, one of the people I personally believe is underestimated in these circles, is said to be the force behind her shining brand. It is not surprising that he’s on the right track; the boy has the know-how and effective skills gained in various sectors, mostly entertainment.

Other than Queen B*, there are others who have realised their staying power but still lack direction. Nowadays, entertainment is getting bigger with constant scrutiny by fans on social media platforms and TV shows. Brand’s target markets now have a voice and they are not afraid to use it, this has seen the smaller scale tabloids that we have in this country having a blast writing puff pieces that are sometimes fabricated. It is small but growing, so there is still hope for the likes of upcoming queens and kings.

One job on radio or TV and other platforms should be your starting point as a celeb to determine your target market. Sometimes that space may define the target market for you, but it is easier when you are honest with yourself as in this way you attract just the right one and brands will soon notice. People relate with your hustle and skills, instead of just lying in the comfort of freebies, use this time to really penetrate the market and defining your place in the market.

Let’s take Kelly Khumalo for instance; this is one brand that is not being appropriately marketed. The girl can sing way better than most artists, but many people that would buy her music are battling to relate with her. The fact that her music genre is not doing her justice makes it even worse. Currently her life splashed on media does not go hand in hand with her current alum, which is said to be her best work since her Qinisela days. I love her, for one, but her team aren't working hard enough in making sure she cements her stay in the industry. There is no direction there at all.

With entertainment jobs lifespan so short than Chomee’s tutu, you may have to diversify your craft. The whole idea is to make sure by the time the director shouts cut; your brand should be dominating appropriate media channels. Remember no publicity is bad publicity but publicity with no direction is not worth it. Avoid taking jobs you won’t give 100%, as much as you would like to be relevant, they will threaten your brand building efforts.

Why Khelobedu is not recognised?

Quick Google search will give you a summary of the history of the language. Being one, gives me a better understanding of the struggles faced by my fellow brothers and sisters in making sure that this beautiful language end up on the national official languages register. Not only will this liberate us, but will help us in preserving our culture and rich idioms that are currently translated into Sepedi, another language we are forced to learn at school as our mother tongue.

The government doesn’t understand the difference between the two nor are they willing to acknowledge that they were wrong in pushing it as a dialect to Sepedi. They were wrongly advised, the next generation may end up being forgetting their real roots.

Ask any chid in Limpopo schools, especially at schools, you will be told that the switch from Khelobedu to Sepedi is difficult let alone confusing as they end up calling Sepedi “Khesotho”. The marks are not the reason why I am writing this, learners produce good results in this language even though is not what they speak at home, I am motivated by the fact, we are slowly being shadowed by the Polokwane majority.

Khelo kha maabane will always be Khelo kha maabane nothing is going to change, we just have to move Khelobedu to schools and higher educational institutions.