Sunday, May 18, 2014

Are you a manager or a leader?

Corporate culture differs per industry if not per company; however, you are bound to find a manager. Some environments like advertising agencies that are less formal, one may argue that the two are not there. Nothing wrong with this believes given that only few people can tell the difference between a manager and a leader. This is just my opinion.
Back in school, we had two kinds of popular pupils. One kind known for bad and, bad in their right mind is good as long as the famous star bestowed upon them by fellow pupils is not threatened. Then you find the other, working hard, not because they are brainy but understand the equation that is life at that time.

At school this may not have made much difference as what and who is popular seem to be the norm. Well, a manager will manage. Not to be popular but in a fashion that is shocking, let alone with no beneficial results as per my observation. Their day consist of making sure that those under their arm understand who is the manager. Here are five characteristics that I think describe a manager;

1. Micromanage their staff at any given time. They will go as far tracking your lunch time, and anyone who dares question their powers receive a serious threat with “I am a manager” at the end of the sentence.

2. At most they are not open to learn from their team members. For them when it’s not done their way, though there are other shorter ways of getting the same results, it’s not done. They feel undermined by this and will do in their power to eliminate the “problem”.

3. “Yes boss!” kind of a person. As they lack forecast and at times skills necessary to put their arguments across professionally, the only words they know is those two.

4. Take credit for others’ hard work.

5.Delegate even task that are confidential and should be done by them. Simply because they don’t know how to.

I am sure you have worked or working with this kind. And with every company, there are plenty of managers that have these traits plus many others that can fill a page.

A leader on the other hand, always looking for solutions that are sustainable and in every event does not pull stunts that are unnecessary. Some staff members tend to label them as stupid and even take advantage of them. Constant late comers know them very well, instead of screaming, they sit down and together find the real reason and come up with a suitable solution that benefit the rest of the team. Their characteristics are the opposite of the manager.

If you work with any of the two, please feel free to share the experience on the comments section. Its always awesome hearing others stories

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