Thursday, May 08, 2014

Circumcised dick receives the most exhilarating blow job

Winter school holidays are around the corner meaning young boys in Limpopo and other areas will be subjected to insults from older boys who have since attended the famous yet troubled Initiation school. Not the insults you and I, are used to but kinds that only make sense to them. The older boys feel superior in the mercy of the younger boys. However, they forget that others have lost their precious lives in the hands of elders who could not save them. They are councils that are tasked with making sure that all initiation school are within the prescribed and required criteria, this has not stopped fly-by-night schools to cash in on the initiation season which differs according to which part of the country you are from. The tradition dates back to the days of our forefathers, before early 2000’s, this ritual was worshiped by teenagers and respected by those who knew its importance to a young a boy.

As a parent and a guardian to young boys, this period scares me. Simply because government has introduced a free circumcision programme which is widely marketed as safe. Not only that, but private doctors are also equipped with the tools and skills to perform the circumcisions. If you count correctly, there are three options - how do I choose?

Though tradition is something close to our hearts, practicality and common sense should be applied. All have risks, and the main goal in all is circumcision. The traditional one is quite a sensitive issue as what happens there is not to be discussed in public platforms, so this makes it difficult to obtain accurate information. Google has some titbits, but i as an alumni, I feel those are not accurate and paint a wrong picture. Medical one is not complicated at all, with just one appointment; one can fully get a picture of the whole procedure. Either private or the government one, they are both defined as medical circumcision.

Being circumcised has benefits sexually and heath wise. It helps with the prevention of unwanted diseases but it does not man condoms are not important. In fact you should use it all the time. Blowjob is great, but even more exhilarating receiving if circumcised and this is my opinion.

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