Monday, May 12, 2014

Do you fake it during sex?

Often, not that is a bad thing, we listen to our friends narrate their boring sex lives, either with their partners or casual encounters. They complain that they didn’t “cum” or the other party did so too early. Sometimes with this kind of a conversation, friends may encourage cheating knowing very well that it is wrong, in fact, not fair to the other party. Well, the reality is, it takes two to tango. Whether we like it or not, sex plays a big role in relationships even in friendships for some people, however, there are no guarantees when it comes to satisfaction. Its either you take matters into your own hands and initiate the sex that you want or just pray and hope you will be satisfied in the end.

Perhaps saying that you should take matters into your own hands, it’s not really going to help or have you gasping for air during the deed. Nonetheless, this is necessary.

What should you do then?

Let’s just say you just met someone and you are not sure how to put your point across regarding how you would like to be sexed.

So like initiate the conversation, go as far as asking what your person would like in bed. It helps in knowing what you are dealing with rather than just waiting for that big day – big because it is a big deal for the first time after all.

Feelings can’t be forced; you will just brew failure instead of long lasting sessions. If you are not feeling it, chances are that person is not enjoying at all. Planning for sex may help but sadly it’s not for everyone, some people enjoy the “what if we get caught” while others prefer all the candles and lacy underwear etc. Focus on what works for you.

Faking orgasm may work well with sometimes but it will mean you aren’t getting it right. This habit is disgusting, get rid of it. If you are not in the mood for sex, say so!

“Give it to me” whispered between grasp for air, should be the only words heard by those walls or grass or car ...the point is wherever you are, enjoy it.

If you have any advice, Please share. We all need advice

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