Thursday, May 08, 2014

Either our qualifications are so bad or we are!

Unemployment stats are shocking in this country. It was everyone’s topic especially politicians as they recited speeches at their rallies. While others claimed that they have a better understanding than that of the ruling party when it come to this issue, this still did not offer any quick turn.

Life starts innocently in crèche all the way to varsity. But the reality strikes just after graduation, that reality clearly show that not everyone who graduates will get a job. It does not end there; the brother who could not afford higher education fees might face the same fate. There are some serious reasons why this is happening every year, but it hasn't stopped majority to start own businesses or to push even harder to get the job. Do we blame the ruling party or ourselves?

Don’t get me wrong I also struggle/d to secure employment but what I have discovered working may not necessarily work for you. Either way, these are some of the things that I think one should have in today’s competitive working world;

•Attitude is everything. While behaving like attention seeking lunatic on social media will qualify you as a tweleb, your attitude towards life should be different. Understand why you are alive, what you want to achieve and be your own motivator. Read a lot of career advice columns and success stories of people in the field you are interest in, it will give you an upper hand and also have passion for that industry, nothing beats a passionate person

•Do not compare yourself to others. Life has no friend, it will sure you serious flames. Some of your friends will get the job before you or succeed before you do, do not complain instead focus on your hustle. The more you are self confident and aware of your strength, the better the chances of making it big

•Network. In your chosen industry, there will be those people you look up to. Instead of wishing you were them, talk to them, ask for advice. They may have great insights that you will need in future

•Work bitch. Nothing works until you do.

These are just are just pointers and there is still a CV to master etc. Find you way and make mistakes, which is the only way you will learn.

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