Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fashion Report

In fashion circles, every designer is fighting to be noticed and often wishes to dress the biggest stars in the country. Some are forced to dress willing stars for free in a bid to get noticed. It is tough for them as other big brands from around the world and in the country are forever parading the red carpets at the less than 20 big events we have in this country. The thing is stars have their PR machine oiled as a result they can’t deal with unknown designers, let alone stylist.

Magazine spreads, however, are in their own league. They are looking for the next fashion item that can blend well with their various themes they go for with every issue. I think this is a market most designers are not capitalising on.

Anyway, I would like to commend Laduma, owner of Maxhosa and the team from Skorzch. Though they are both producing different men fashion pieces, they are constantly featured on magazines’ fashion pages.

If you are not a fashion person: Skorzch is a men fashion brand producing classic bespoke suits while Maxhosa are bringing back the knitted jerseys and other fashionable items you can mix with both casual and formal wear. Thapelo Mokoena may tell you that he wore the two brands and he looked super hot.
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