Saturday, May 31, 2014

Magazine update

If you haven’t heard yet, Kabomo Vilakazi, the soulful artist, often compared to the American soul superstar, Anthony Hamilton has gone back to the deadline driven magazine world as the Editor of the newly launched True Love Man. The men stable forms part of the already big Media24 women magazine, True Love. I, for one, was excited to the announcement. This mrepa has talent in so many facets of the arts.

There wasn’t much PR done to introduce this magazine apart from one or two mentions there and there. I say this because they are in the gold mine, they should have went all out. This is my opinion; however, this didn’t stop me from buying the magazine. For now as I tweeted the other day, they are still new. Serious work is still need to be done for them to succeed. I hope Kabomo is ready.

If you haven’t bought it yet, give me a call. Do not expect any GQ or Destiny Man type magazine, it is different. In fact they claim to serve a different market to those two.

After fourth copy, we can talk about them, for now let’s just support Kabomo and his team. I will offer my 2cents opinion if they ask.

Image from sabc
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