Thursday, May 08, 2014

Quotes from Lira’s book – Making Herstory

It is rare for a South African artist to release a book that actually sells and matches up to the artist's success in the business. At first I was a lil hesitant to buy this book;I was not entirely sure whether it is worth the time and money. Below are words that resonated with me on a much deeper level from the book, they may not make sense as they are taken from different chapters in the book:

1. Although some months were better than others, I was doing far better financially than I had in a very long time. That year my turn-over was double my annual salary as a full-time employee. My song-writing royalties had yielded some great returns. Suddenly I had extra income to see me through.

2. Thoughts really do become thing.

3. She is a self-made billionaire who started with nothing but a dream, hard work and determination. (Referring to Mama Oprah as her kids from OWLA call her)

4. To know that life will respond if we just have the courage to make the first move.

5. Deciding for myself how to see myself.

6. It is therefore unrealistic to base your expectations on what we see Americans stars doing.

7. Set ambitious yet realistic expectations for yourself. To think practically and not like some superstar fantasy as seen on TV.

8. A happy team is a productive team.

9. A lack of planning will always cause you to work aimlessly without a destination.

10. They are not responsible for my dream.

11. What we invest the time and effort to harness, we will master.

12. If I allow anyone in, it’s on my terms. I don’t see the need to market myself in this way.

13. We don’t have a real paparazzi problem in SA yet.

14. We are responsible for showing up.

15. Do what you can, with what you have.

16. Gives her consumers excellent quality.

17. She pays her band members on a monthly basis.

18. Music industry paints a glamorous picture.

19. She needed to create it.

20. The saddest thing about this story is that until this day, Arthur has never paid me for any mechanical publishing rights for my first album or issued me with a statement.

If there are any other quotes you think I left out please feel free to add them on the comments section.

Images by City Press and Destiny Connect

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