Thursday, May 08, 2014

Team Bonang 1 – Team Kelly 0

Branding is misunderstood in celebrity circles. What they fail to digest is that no brand is a brand unless it is packaged and works like one. Brands have an identity and pro’s behind them working tirelessly to uphold their USPs'. The mere fact that one is on TV, doesn’t translate into brand identity. Hence they end up with PR companies that are forever targeting platforms that do not communicate their messages nor sell them appropriately.

Currently Bonang Matheba seem to be getting it right, and continues to attracts avenues that not only have money to make but are worshipped by her target market, making her relevant and unique. Sylvester Chauke, one of the people I personally believe is underestimated in these circles, is said to be the force behind her shining brand. It is not surprising that he’s on the right track; the boy has the know-how and effective skills gained in various sectors, mostly entertainment.

Other than Queen B*, there are others who have realised their staying power but still lack direction. Nowadays, entertainment is getting bigger with constant scrutiny by fans on social media platforms and TV shows. Brand’s target markets now have a voice and they are not afraid to use it, this has seen the smaller scale tabloids that we have in this country having a blast writing puff pieces that are sometimes fabricated. It is small but growing, so there is still hope for the likes of upcoming queens and kings.

One job on radio or TV and other platforms should be your starting point as a celeb to determine your target market. Sometimes that space may define the target market for you, but it is easier when you are honest with yourself as in this way you attract just the right one and brands will soon notice. People relate with your hustle and skills, instead of just lying in the comfort of freebies, use this time to really penetrate the market and defining your place in the market.

Let’s take Kelly Khumalo for instance; this is one brand that is not being appropriately marketed. The girl can sing way better than most artists, but many people that would buy her music are battling to relate with her. The fact that her music genre is not doing her justice makes it even worse. Currently her life splashed on media does not go hand in hand with her current alum, which is said to be her best work since her Qinisela days. I love her, for one, but her team aren't working hard enough in making sure she cements her stay in the industry. There is no direction there at all.

With entertainment jobs lifespan so short than Chomee’s tutu, you may have to diversify your craft. The whole idea is to make sure by the time the director shouts cut; your brand should be dominating appropriate media channels. Remember no publicity is bad publicity but publicity with no direction is not worth it. Avoid taking jobs you won’t give 100%, as much as you would like to be relevant, they will threaten your brand building efforts.
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