Sunday, May 18, 2014

Does Nyaope destroy our future leaders?

As a parent and guardian to boys I didn’t want to write about this topic at first. You know that saying that old people always talk about – if you laugh at other people’s children doing badly or in bad life conditions, what makes you think that yours won’t end up like them. No one wishes badly for children, theirs or not. It takes a village to raise a child afterall. The issue of Nyaope affect the whole community.

Nyaope is that drug that has made our future leaders numb and us parents fuming. In most locations in Gauteng, nyaope addicts support their addiction by doing all sorts of bad things. Blaming Pretoria as the originator of the drug doesn’t help; at least the government has tightened the law screws.

Made from foreign substances, the drug has destroyed and turned some of our children into thieves. The reality is, we as parents leave in prisons that are our homes; our children sell household items to a mere R10 sometimes even half of that just so they can satisfy their edge. There is no progress as far as their lives are consent.

We cry every night to a sight of our children looking like hobos.

We cry to the sight of our children who are roaming the main streets in the early hours of the morning to act as taxi signs for passengers who are sometimes robbed in their hands.

We cry because now already the household budget is stretched, we cannot afford rehab and when we can they simply refuse to be admitted.

We cry to a sound of the police siren, or even a knock at the door by strangers. Some of
our kids never make it alive at these streets due to their naughty ways.

The community cannot afford to stomach the crimes that are encouraged by this drug. Mob justice has claimed our kids lives. You will think that other addicts will stop but no this does not even scare them one bit.
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