Sunday, May 18, 2014

Three kinds of problems

Thanks to the creators of all social media networks, it is through them that I discovered that as South Africans, we are still divided. This time around not because of race, though some problems can be linked with certain races, but phases which I prefer to call problems. Though these problems are easy to spot on those spaces, they are alive in each and every individual who has a heart. Yes, the organ that pumps blood according to Biology or Life Science to born-frees. A problem exists to be solved and each is different thus making the solution different.

Third-world problems
Family perspective: It comprises of mostly families that live from hand to hand with a lesser percentage of those families that have to adjust to a new life because the funds to maintain the life they were used to, are no longer there. Leaving through social grants, minimum resources and with some, a breadwinner’s salary which can only cover basics. The government is often blamed and critically criticised for not doing enough to curb this, but no one rarely offers an effective plan that can yield better results than that used by the government. In communities that these families live, you will find that the services others take advantage of like proper sanitation are not there. However, it is not everywhere. Children from this families end up acquiring skills and qualifications that promote their families to the next problems but the reality is they are just a salary away from relegated back to this problem. In the morning, instead of choosing from either Cereals or Bacon with a some scrambled eggs for breakfast, whatever is available fill the tummies until the next meal. It is very sad because they too deserve better, but for now they have to make the most of what they have.

Individual perspective: Either you live in the family that is the above as a breadwinner who makes sure that everyone is looked after or you do not have any family at all. Guys and ladies dominating this problem earn very less if they have work and those that are looking or just not interested in making the most of their lives. The good thing of this problem is that mostly are working towards something restlessly making sure that their circumstances do not determine their tomorrow. Their level of understanding with regard to life in general is motivating. If you visit them you are bound to leave a changed man, but one thing is for sure, they are struggling to make ends meet. The only thing keeping them going is that fire burning inside them. They know that if they work hard and focus on the dream, they will soon reap the rewards.

Second-world problems

No need to focus on family on this problem but an individual. The people that you find here have their own set of struggles that are somewhat funny but real. If it’s not stuck in traffic tweeting about it, you will find them at the clubs sipping the finest beverage they can afford. However, it’s not all play, they too still work hard to make sure they remain at this problem while aiming for the first problem. Their families aren’t seriously struggling nor does their kids. Owning the latest gadgets and living in comfortable apartments and some owning houses already. Every young kid would love to be like them, what they do not know is that some of this people flash and live in debt. Some of them lack discipline when it comes to cash, threatening their opportunities to own proper properties and join the first world problem.

First-world problems
Very cautious of spending but hardly borrows smaller amounts of cash from friends. Their accounts are far better than those in second world. Though it may seem that they are struggling in the eyes of fashionistas, their moola is huge enough to look after them for some few years should their sources of income evaporates. This is where what lawyers call a Will makes much better sense and leaving to please people syndrome hardly features.

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