Thursday, May 08, 2014

What are we not communicating in love?

While many will tell you that they better cry in the BMW X5 than at Noord taxi rank, it is not a secret anymore that we all want love with all that it brings – great sex, companionship and to some material things. It takes two to tango thus making falling in love even more difficult. You will find that personalities are not quite matching or there is no clarity in terms of the state of what may seem like a solid partnership. There is no formula in dating nor in marriage, everyone apply what works and those that find themselves in the wrong side of the love, are embracing what is now called Side-dish. The reality is, it has to start somewhere even it means in the wrong side, but seriously we have grown to force
love. It is ok to go after what you want but not cool to drag others to your page. Your page may make sense to you but to the person you dragged along it may be overwhelming.

The problem often arises when there is no honest communication from both parties. The moment this ingredient is missing, the cake that is that partnership, does not taste or look good. Lately, it is easier just to believe that things are ok whereas they are not. Ideally communication should be the Alpha and Omega, however, sometimes others will not be interested that should be a reason enough to ship out.

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