Thursday, May 08, 2014

Why Khelobedu is not recognised?

Quick Google search will give you a summary of the history of the language. Being one, gives me a better understanding of the struggles faced by my fellow brothers and sisters in making sure that this beautiful language end up on the national official languages register. Not only will this liberate us, but will help us in preserving our culture and rich idioms that are currently translated into Sepedi, another language we are forced to learn at school as our mother tongue.

The government doesn’t understand the difference between the two nor are they willing to acknowledge that they were wrong in pushing it as a dialect to Sepedi. They were wrongly advised, the next generation may end up being forgetting their real roots.

Ask any chid in Limpopo schools, especially at schools, you will be told that the switch from Khelobedu to Sepedi is difficult let alone confusing as they end up calling Sepedi “Khesotho”. The marks are not the reason why I am writing this, learners produce good results in this language even though is not what they speak at home, I am motivated by the fact, we are slowly being shadowed by the Polokwane majority.

Khelo kha maabane will always be Khelo kha maabane nothing is going to change, we just have to move Khelobedu to schools and higher educational institutions.
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