Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Clever "call-to-action" tactics in Copywriting

Most of the time a link is presented in such a way that you cannot ignore it even if you wanted to. The story or blog post our eyes are fixed on gets so interesting and immediately encourages us to click whatever they suggest on the story. Not every copywriter can get this right as sometimes deadlines get crazier by the day, and unfortunately some believe in simple tactics like “click here for more information”.

Clients sometimes tend to interfere with the writing process which is their right but every copywriter has the obligation to advise them on the right tactic at that time which has the potential to work, within reason though. Here is one of the many clever tactics that Copywriters use to entice and force you to click:

“A site such as, for instance, is practical, easy to follow and provides the kind of common sense advice that isn't always covered in formal learning programmes” See the full article here and come back here, so you get the point.
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