Thursday, June 05, 2014

Court Order evictions in Cape Town/Alex and Riri’s nipples-out dress

While Dove South Africa was on the news after their advert which painted what tweeps called racist, the people of Lwandle is Cape Town were being evicted from their homes, a move Hellen Zille, one the political leaders there, described as the doings of a state roads management company. Their cries captured by the lenses of the many media photographers covering that story had many South Africans voicing their opinions, human right activists on the other fuming with anger calling the whole saga inhuman.

Fast forward to this afternoon, Gauteng Township, Alexandra got to live the pain of that lived by the Lwandle settlers. They too were also evicted – another part of the township not everyone. Whether the land is legal or not, no one deserves this kind of treatment enforced by a court order. It will be of paramount importance to see how the political parties react to these two important situations. We all know how they would have rushed to assist if all this took place pre elections last month.

*Eish*this diverse and lovely country of ours, there is never a dull moment. That Riri dress which confused even the fashion bloggers did well on the digital space. Almost every online news agency in the world talked about it if not running a separate story for it. It goes to show that sometimes controversy it’s just what you need to sustain your relevance. If you look at it, the girl has indentified her strongest selling points and she is just simply making sure they work for her. Whether we like the dress or not: the fact is we talked about it. If up to now you didn’t know who Riri was, chances are you do now.

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