Monday, June 09, 2014

Fashion update with Gauteng Pozi Online Store

The retail sector currently in South Africa is dominated by the major retailers, giants, Edcon group, which houses discount divisions stores like JetMart. Though many fashion outlets continue to strive and targeting the mainstream shopping locations, some people are doing it differently with online. I have touched on previously. Today, however,after reading an article published on a local online magazine, this "quick chat" conducted on Facebook followed with another online store which has some of the best must-have items from unknown fashion designers:

How do you guys make sure that the site is safe and easy to use? What are the most important and active route or tools do you use?
We are working with one of the best online payment company, PayFast, and we make sure that the pictures are not as big, because it may result on the website being slow, and another thing is, we separate all the items, we don't mix jeans with dresses, so if you need jeans you know where to go and view.

That is great. Since most people do not prefer to shop online. Does this affect your sales?
The people we targeting do shop online, cause at first i would not start the site if the people am targeting didn't wanna shop online

Ok. other than the obvious marketing tactics, which other avenues do you use to build brand awareness?
For now its social media and getting interviews done

Do you do any magazine fashion spreads?
As soon i re-brand the store yes i will i wanna go for styling

Why re-branding?
The name is limiting an wont allow me to expand the way i want to

Oh, is the site SEO focused?
It is

Do you do it yourself or a digital agency does it for you?
I am a self taught graphic and web design so i do it myself, i have my own media agency Gpozi

This is fantastic. Inspiring. Is the agency operational/accessible to clients or is is just servicing the E-commerce site?
It is operating and accessible to clients.

For more about the online store, click here

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