Tuesday, June 17, 2014

There was #The Front Row on Metro FM

This morning felt like any other but missed me somehow. Normally, my mornings start with me checking my TL and attending to any messages and saying to myself the famous words used widely that suggest that your day can be bad or good, you decide. Few weeks ago after discovering that Bonang Matheba was to host a mid morning show on Metro FM, since that time slot for me included juggling work commitments and everything else in between, curiosity got the best of me. Firstly, I knew of her radio slot on a Gauteng based youth station, even though I never listened to her shows there, I was more interested to, on Metro FM. Before I knew it, every week day her show will feature with my to-do list. It saw me drafting tasks timing them with segments of the show like the notorious “Ask a man”.

Today I find myself wondering what went wrong, yes her management released a statement and few comments there and there, but my brain refused to take all that in. I guess when something becomes part of you and make such an impact in such a short time, when it suddenly ends, it's always hard to believe that it is indeed no more.

Queen B managed to convince me that Metro FM is not for grownups as I perceived it to be and I too, with my limited understanding of radio could feel part of her morning family which at times felt so awesomely warm and welcoming. There was this day before while watching Blame it on Fame, a reality show which aired on e-tv mostly following the lives of Masina twins, they talked about their brother who was on radio and immediately after they mentioned his name I thought to myself he sound interesting.
Little did I know that actually the brother is naughty yet entertaining and he is super talented on the decks.

To the rest of the team from that show, she is gone and you do not have to pretend she was never part of the team. A big loss, however, be still, she may come back.
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