Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What to include and consider before operating a business?

For decades, the late Maya Angelou, in her professional literature life inspired young and old women alike all over the world including men. Her beliefs as a strong black woman are penned in all her books. In South Africa, an international figure of her quality deserves praise in all ways possible. When this country learned of her passing, social media celebrated her life in most amazing ways, reciting her poems and quotes. It was a fit farewell f, well, for one we deemed our own to an extent. She last appeared on TLC show called Oprah’s Next Chapter (from Oprah Winfrey Network) last year, for most that was their last day of seeing her. The famous quote which is so direct yet powerful by her: “If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude”. Read abruptly, these words tend to paint an immediate situation that may seem surreal. However, entrepreneurs are tenacious kinds whom never missed a chance to narrate these words if not implementing the message carried by that quote.

Sometimes being an entrepreneur is a curse to mankind, in the same breath that it is a blessing. Dead end jobs see no day when quotes like that of Maya Angelou starts flying around in office cubicles and workshops. However, pay cheques often threaten what is to be a birth of a new era.
It doesn’t have to be though. It’s rare for an entrepreneur to abandon the comfortable desk to follow a business model that holds no weight (as yet). After all, quite amount of energy invested in refining the idea and the resources that get pulled out to perfect the basic necessity business start-up road map called Business plan. In it, there is a supporting costly activity bulleted as Marketing. It outlines the strategies or plans to generate income, in other words to keep the business afloat. Unfortunately, in this time and age, the work that goes into securing business it’s not for the faint hearted, the pitching game has changed dramatically. This can threaten any potential business idea that hasn’t even taken shape.

As an integral business element, drafting of the crucial element like Marketing and the actual implementation stages should both be afforded un-divided attention. Some entrepreneurs are blessed in the sense that the marketing implementation required is mainly their strongest point which is a good thing. However, others have had to either acquire the skills by surfing the internet and copying what other are doing which sometimes yields negative results. Reading how-to manuals and real-life situations is two separate issues all together, even more so, since most of easy to follow information online is authored and tested on foreign markets not necessarily in Msanzi. Even those that are tested in our own country carry no weight.

TRUE LOVE MAN, a Media24 publication, which launched this year, has hands full with testing and implementation. In the market that is currently dominated by others that have a niche, their marketing needs a strong team that can point out goal posts, that at times are invisible if not assessed properly. The right product deserves the right kind of investment from consumers, but they need to be convinced.

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