Thursday, July 31, 2014

The great Shoki Sebotsane finally speaks Khelobedu on SABC 1

One mother in Tzaneen gave birth to a girl. What she did not know was that girl will grow up to be respected by many. The girl's name is Shoki Sebotsane, the actress who we knew as Tumi on Muvhango. She played Doris Mokoena's daughter like a pro. Just like her mother, most of us did not know of her greatness, other than the character she played on our TV screens. Her most ground breaking roleaccording to me was as Grace on Death of a Queen. The intensity of that role worked to her advantage.

Fast forward to 2014, she's back and speaking Khelobedu on the newly turned soapie Skeem Sam. Hate her or love her, I love the fact that my language is getting recognition on mainstream television and it is prime time. For that, we thank writers and everyone who works behind the scenes.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Why Bonang Matheba is back at MetroFM's #TheFrontRaw?

According to Drum Mag, Bonang just got her job back. Sad day for haters and good day for fans.

Bonang was excited to get back on the radio waves, read the article. For the full report, visit Drum Mag.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Is retail therapy same as Digital Marketing?

Retail therapy is synonymous with majority of ladies, the “therapy” as they put it, really is the therapy. Is further displayed in movies and TV sitcoms, nowadays reality shows as well highly depend on this girls outing for scripts ideas. Girlfriends and some guys, the shopping experience is seriously a great stress reliever, though the Gucci wallet may not always agree. Trying new clothes, shoes and bags from shop to shop, even though tiring, seems to be the core part of the whole experience.

Well, if you look at it, Digital Marketing and retail therapy share similar trades. Even though media buyers work very hard to secure best online advertising space i.e. Banner ads, ROI (Return on Investments) it’s not always guaranteed. With shopping not everything you try on or buy will fit properly or even suit you like the mannequin. Hence the fitting or trying on different displayed clothes before you actually buy it's important.

Retail Buyers on the other hand, go out of their way to acquire stock items in the hope that they will do well in stores. Who actually has all the answers?

Take a few steps back, you have all the answers. The thing with digital marketing in its nature, it can be a daunting task, considering there is Social, SMS, Banner ads, PPC, CPC and whole others. Sometimes offline also supports online, vice versa. Making it even harder but measurable if you are using the right measuring tools.

Just like with shopping, Digital Marketing requires serious testing, monitoring and adjusting. You will never know if it works without testing constantly. All in all though, your objectives have to be clear from onset.

What is Live Tweeting?

Firstly, does Live Tweeting even exist in South Africa? Yes, it does. On twitter, tweeps feel very part of the many events that take place on daily basis in industries like politics, entertainment and the economy.

And what do you do when you feel part of the event? You share your thoughts.

Sometimes it can simply be called twitter trashing, but in truth, it’s live tweeting. With an official or non-official hashtag or the constant mention of the event in tweets, for many it may be difficult to categorise as Live Tweeting.

On Friday night, a live television dancing show, Strictly Come Dancing, launched with a #StrictlySA hashtag. Viewers went on twitter to show support for their favourites', and to share thoughts on performances. The hashtag trended while the show was on, live on SABC 3. This happens almost every day with other television shows, radio shows and live press briefings. Print headlines especially on Sundays, tend to be Live Tweeted. What happens is, one person buys the paper or the news outlets shares the headlines, and then tweeps run with it.

Live Tweeting is so much fun, brands needs to pay serious attention and learn from those that are already succeeding with implementing this trend. However, they must be careful not to copy, but take into consideration that the nature of the topic or content is the deciding factor in Live Tweeting. Some confuse this with TwitterChat or Twitview. They are not the same and their roles are completely different.

Remember when EFF panties entered your TL like a Twar, yes, that is another example.
Our Perfect Wedding, broadcasting on Msanzi Magic, on Sundays, especially last week’s episode even was a hit on facebook.

Live Tweeting is here to stay.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Some mistakes

Back when my teen phase was just ending, the unthinkable happened. My learning of the unborn child had me confused for a while. There was no one to blame and in that wake of the moment the reality just seemed unreal. Those days have since passed, but mistakes with my younger self in the driver seat still hunt me up to this day.

My son’s days are just awesome, but one day there are so many things that will require just more than “I will tell you”. I will however, cross that bridge when the time comes. I am aware that mistakes happen for a reason and to teach us valuable lessons. Other than all of that, mistakes grow us.

Have we ever set down and realise that some of those mistakes holds us back no matter how hard we try to steer the ship in the right direction?