Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What is Live Tweeting?

Firstly, does Live Tweeting even exist in South Africa? Yes, it does. On twitter, tweeps feel very part of the many events that take place on daily basis in industries like politics, entertainment and the economy.

And what do you do when you feel part of the event? You share your thoughts.

Sometimes it can simply be called twitter trashing, but in truth, it’s live tweeting. With an official or non-official hashtag or the constant mention of the event in tweets, for many it may be difficult to categorise as Live Tweeting.

On Friday night, a live television dancing show, Strictly Come Dancing, launched with a #StrictlySA hashtag. Viewers went on twitter to show support for their favourites', and to share thoughts on performances. The hashtag trended while the show was on, live on SABC 3. This happens almost every day with other television shows, radio shows and live press briefings. Print headlines especially on Sundays, tend to be Live Tweeted. What happens is, one person buys the paper or the news outlets shares the headlines, and then tweeps run with it.

Live Tweeting is so much fun, brands needs to pay serious attention and learn from those that are already succeeding with implementing this trend. However, they must be careful not to copy, but take into consideration that the nature of the topic or content is the deciding factor in Live Tweeting. Some confuse this with TwitterChat or Twitview. They are not the same and their roles are completely different.

Remember when EFF panties entered your TL like a Twar, yes, that is another example.
Our Perfect Wedding, broadcasting on Msanzi Magic, on Sundays, especially last week’s episode even was a hit on facebook.

Live Tweeting is here to stay.
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