Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Motivation from SME South Africa you should read

Do something you love and are passionate about. If you aren’t, the difficult times will get you down and sap your will to succeed – Colin Thornton

If you don’t follow your luck up with hard work then you probably won’t take advantage of it - Colin Thornton

The hard work becomes a pleasure when you have unmovable faith in yourself – Wendy Ferguson

Never, ever give up. If everyone else can do it, so can you – Wendy Ferguson

Don’t rely on anyone else but yourself. You alone are the master of your own future. I challenge you to do without anyone’s assistance for a period of time and learn how liberating it is - Wendy Ferguson

Practice again and again until you are happy with the result of your hard work – Tuming Lee

The purpose of entrepreneurship is not necessarily to become rich but to create a livelihood – Tuming Lee

It’s not the size of the purpose that matters; it is your commitment to it. Without purpose, you will perish – Tuming Lee

Have a plan, be committed and work your fingers literally to the bone until you win – Tuming Lee

Do not hustle with people who do not have the same drive and ambition as you do - Tuming Lee

I was creative with my marketing strategy and used social media to get my name out there - Evegenia Poplett

You can have the best product in the world, but if you cannot sell it, your business will fail - Evegenia Poplett

When you have zero rands in your bank account you have to get proactive - Evegenia Poplett

Figure out how you could take your passion and turn it into a successful business - Evegenia Poplett

Knowledge is power – don’t be arrogant thinking you know it all, you don’t - Evegenia Poplett

Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is your biggest teacher - Evegenia Poplett

Authenticity sells and builds trust much more than someone pretending to be something or someone they are not - Evegenia Poplett

With hard work we can make anything happen - Evegenia Poplett

Original stories by SME South Africa

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Purpose driven SABC Talk Show host - Siphiwo Nzawumbi

Siphiwo Nzawumbi is no stranger at all to television viewers in South Africa. He is currently one of the most active Talk Show host on Social Media. I guess, media just excite him so much that he uses the platform to engage with his followers.

Forget the make-up, Lighting and big cameras, this gentleman of media is a human being too, with dreams just like everyone else. I hope you get inspired reading this interview.

Brief history of your upbringing

I was born into a family of four, my mom, dad, elder brother and I. We were an average family in Umtata, a small town in the former Transkei region of the Eastern Cape where my mother worked as an office clerk and my father, a taxi owner. After the unfortunate death of both my parents, my brother and I relocated to Mount Frere in the villages to stay with my maternal grandparents. I am from such a loving and supportive family were I was inspired by my grandmother to get an education, believe in myself and work hard towards making my dreams come true.
I am always told of how talkative I was as a child, how I always managed to be the centre of attention. Nothing really changed when I finally went to school as I was always punished for being noisy and giggling in class. Surprisingly, popularity followed as impersonating my teachers was one thing I enjoyed. In High School, my History teacher advised me to join the debating team which I later led as captain. That’s when I realised I wanted to join the media industry as a broadcaster.

Please describe your day at work and what does your job entails?

I start my day mid-mornings unless I am working on radio which requires pitching up in the early hours of the morning. This is a blessing in a way as I manage to escape the traffic rush of Johannesburg. In most days, I start by attending editorial meetings with my Executive Producer and the rest of the team. We conceptualise ideas, develop story ideas and brainstorm on possible episode ideas. I also work very close with my producers as my job requires me to be more involved in the planning process of any broadcast. This then helps improve and sharpen my catch on television production and learn in the process.

What inspired you to pursue a career in Broadcasting Journalism?

I had a bit of a challenge deciding on what I wanted to study after High School, I was caught up between Law (which was my family’s imaginary dream for me) and Journalism, but eventually made the right decision after being advised to pursue passion more than just a job. I always knew that I wanted to tell other people’s stories and be in a living, growing and challenging working environment. For the life in me I just couldn’t see myself appealing in court and doing cross examinations for a living. It was after I read my very first news bulletin on a Campus radio station that I fell more and more in love with broadcasting. I went ahead, studied Versatile Broadcasting and later mainstream Journalism. This was the beginning of a life story with no end.

Who would you say played an important role in helping you realise your dreams?

I believe my grandmother was my number one fan and a great source of inspiration. She didn’t have much of an education but she believed that in me, there was a leader and special somebody. When I would travel in High School for my debating tournaments, she would prepare and support me on every trip. Even when I got awards for public speaking, she would celebrate me and say “iDegreezangomsosana”. I still don’t know what she meant by that, but I suspect it was something along the lines “Future Leaders”. When I finally went to University, it was a bit difficult financially, but she pulled all strings together with my aunt to ensure that I had the required university entrance tuition.

What are some of the career challenges your faced/or face on daily basis?

There is a saying “You are as good as your last gig” and that is exactly my challenge in my line of work. Every show is like an audition, there could be somebody watching or listening to you for the first time, and in a matter of seconds, they can decide on whether you are worth their attention or not. You constantly have to review your work, adapt to certain standards and always strive to excel. One of my challenges is that I am a perfectionist and so I tend to be too hard on myself. I also do not deal well with unpreparedness, I stay up late nights sometimes and it becomes a setback for me when things don’t come together as planned. Another good challenge is the fact that the world of broadcasting is living, one minute you are on the west side and the other on the opposite direction. I am constantly learning to be always expectant of change at any given time. Sometimes, the plan changes a few minutes before going on air and one has to adapt quickly with those changes.

What comes first for you between passion and money?

Definitely PASSION, when you are passionate, you excel and go the extra mile to ensure you’re a success. Money then comes as a result of excelling. I learned that if you live to chase money, you will age tired and miserable but when you do what you’re passionate about, you endure hardships easily and gain enough credits to earn you all the money in the world.

Please list five important things one should do to secure a successful career in Broadcasting Journalism.

1. First before anything, I think one should have that curiosity of a cat- Any broadcaster’s lead way to complacency begins the day you loose interest on what’s happening around you. Be curious, do your research and always be well informed about trending subjects. After all, people take what you say more seriously than the next person.

2. Be willing to learn and be taught- The “I am always right and know it all” attitude never works in broadcasting. Every day you will learn something new and some days what you thought was correct all your life will be challenged and corrected- be open to such.

3. Be very quick to get over things and move on- You are most likely to work with a team throughout your career life. Now and again there will be disagreements and sometimes quarrels, always seek to reach a resolve and live peacefully.

4. Learn as many languages as possible- A successful broadcaster is one who is able to communicate to as many people as possible so it’s always wise to learn as many.

5. Review your work-The world of broadcasting is not only wide and competitive but it is fast-paced too. In that, one can easily get lost in the rush and forget to invest in themselves or check if they are still on track. I always find it wise then to check yourself, look at your weaknesses and see how you can overcome them with your strengths.

How can aspiring journalist get in touch with you should they need advice?

Facebook: SiphiwoNzawumbi

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Quick and free motivation

“You don’t need patronage and a handout to succeed in life. You can do it with hard work and perseverance, by holding your head up and never holding your hand out” by Zoe Molapisi

“Be financially prudent and plan for tough times” by Zoe Molapisi

"The best things in life are earned" Unknown

"Achieving dreams comes at a price" by Vusi Sithole

"Nothing in life comes easily, and learning to roll up your sleeves and get dirty is vital for the development of individuals and the nation as a whole" by Vusi Sithole

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Where is the party at in Tembisa?

Partying in Tembisa has its perks - vibey crowds and cheap booze. There is plenty of choices too. Here are some of the places that are just as good as those fancy clubs in the burbs;

Busy Corner/Imbizo Shisanyama, a place to be if you are looking for good chill with your friends and family members or An Authentic African Braai Experience as they put it on their website. They have security and plenty of parking. Click here for more info.

Caprivi, situated on Straight-Line, headed by an educated man, Hlogi Makau. They always have a great DJ line up on weekends and their Facebook events calender works the magic.

Ziniko Lounge, on Main-Line also another place worth checking out. and its not far from the main taxi rank, Sangweni.

Lastly, Ka-Nkobani, this place caters for people who are from Limpopo. They play Tsonga music and the vibe too is that you can experience in Giyani or Bolobedu.

Happy partying!

If there other cool places I may have forgotten, please mention them on comments section below.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Where to shop in Tembisa?

If you live or work in Tembisa, I am sure you have noticed that it is quite easy to navigate around the different sections that make Tembisa. With just two main roads, Straight-Line and Main-Line, Tembisa is not that difficult to drive around or walk if you can. However, you will also agree that you will find anything from hardware to latest fashion items at most Tembisa corners.

One such corner is Swazi-Inn. No need for a shopping list at Swazi-Inn I tell you, one of the busiest shopping hub on Straight-line not far from famous hang-out pub Caprivi. A friendly warning: Do not travel to Swazi-Inn with your car, if you are not an excellent driver. The traffic there will leave you in tears and few scratches.

Luckily I know other places you can find whatever you need;

Phumulani Mall, easy access via Olifantsfonein Road. This mall boosts famous eateries like KFC, Debonairs etc. just to mention a few. It caters mostly for Winnie Mandela Park and Clayville residents.

Megamart Mall, also easily accessible via Olifantsfontein Road. Opened last year, I must say, the competition between this mall and Phumulani is serious given they are closer to one another.

Tembisa Plaza, situated on Straight-line, used to be the busiest shopping centre before the new malls opened. They have Roman's Pizza for Pizza fans. It is still busy but not like before.

Birch Acres Mall, the coolest kid on the block. Situated at a prime spot and one that has most shops that attract serious traffic. Need I say more?

There are others that are small like the Rabasotho one, however, currently these are the best malls/shopping spots that are popular.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Midrand-Tembisa TV on Open View HD

MTTV, a community TV station in Tembisa/Midrand will soon air on Open View HD, an etv platform, according to a statement released via MTTV's Facebook page. A milestone for MTTV as they are not that popular with the locals.

About MTTV

MT-tv is a new television station targeting young people, young adults and the community at large. The demographic is made up of individuals who are comfortable with modern technology use and interested in using the internet and watching television, to consistently be up to date with the latest and who’s doing what. Mt-tv is a platform for the community to be educated, entertained and be involved in social responsibilities.

In community participation, MT-tv is a community initiative that aims to benefit the community at large and in various ways. Access to information in this age is key thus all community members will learn and see educational programs, skills development in filming, TV production, directing, presenting, journalism, research, job opportunities, business opportunities, social investment and to bring development closer to communities.

Source MTTV

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

5 Celebrities who speak Khelobedu

Khelobedu is not widely embraced by the cool kids; however, some celebrities refuse to abandon their language or just love the language spoken by the royals (The Rain Queen) . Here are some of the personalities who are not shy to “Khekheretja”;

Candy Mokwena Known for her hit song with Oskido, Tsa Mandebele.

Brian Rikhotso. He is quite famous in Tsonga radio broadcasting circles as he is currently on Mungana Lonene FM, an SABC radio which broadcast in XiTsonga.

Forgive us readers; we have no idea (even google could not help) who plays the character of Mama Rose on Rythym City which airs on e.tv. She is currently also on Skeem Sam playing a Principal of Turfloop high. She speaks Khelobedu so easily which she sometimes mix with Setlokwa.

Mathole Motshekga is not much of a celebrity but a politician but we feel he needs to be on this list. He hails from Mamokhadi Village which falls under Greater Letaba Municipality and has a school named after him in Rabie Ridge, Midrand. He is Molobedu.

Florence Masebe is another person who speaks so many languages. She once played a character named Humbulani on SABC 2 popular soapie, Muvhango. She spoke Khelobedu and Setlokwa.

If you know someone we may have left on this list, please let us know. Until next time. Happy Reading!!!!

Magazine Report: Destiny and Destiny Man September 2014

If you happen to go to the shops this weekend or pass by the garage after work, make sure you grab the latest issues of Destiny and Destiny Man. I bought both and these are some of the highlights;


First and foremost, if you are thinking of owning your future by starting your own company or just caught in a dead end job that seems to bore you day in and day out, Destiny compiled an A5 size handbook, on the other side it gives tools and advice on starting your own company while on the other it takes a closer look on careers, from studying to useful insights and changing jobs.

This magazine is known for powerful ladies on their covers, so keeping it up, on the cover for September is Dr Anna Mokgokong of Community Investments Holdings. She dishes behind the scenes of her R18 billion company. Other amazing story is that of Candi&Co, one of the newest additions to Sorbet Group. This group seem to have all the answers in the beauty industry; they are one to beat if you dream of owning your own salon or a beauty spa.


On the cover is the man who gave a new meaning to banking, Michael Jordaan. The former CEO of First National Bank. He talks about his new role as the Chairman of Wines SA amongst other things. Interestedly he seems to be a cheerleader for “disruptive business” model.

I pray they get someone to take over the Political column currently contributed by Justice Malala, personally his opinion biased and somewhat one-sided. He is a respected media person but i battle to connect with his views on this column.

Happy reading!

Monday, September 08, 2014

Lira's book Author, Clyde Meela, talks Digital Advertising

Previously on TauYaMasepeng, we reviewed the amazing book of one of own star, Lira. The book was to celebrate Lira's decade in the music business.

However, today, Tembisan Newspaper together with their sisters local newspapers under the Caxton Group, hosted what they call Digital Sales Conference aimed at encouraging small businesses to take advanatage of the many benefits of advertising on their digital platforms. Clyde Meela was one of the speakers at the conference held in Edenvale, east of Joburg. Apart from contributing on Lira's book, Mr Meela, currently heads the Digital division of the Caxton Group. For more on the story, please click here

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

15 scholarships at Caxton

The Caxton, one of the main publishers of most local newspapers around the country is looking to train 15 youngsters in the field of newspaper advertising. We at TauYaMasepeng, advises everyone who qualifies to apply immediately, details here Sales Training Academy

5 SA great women and men

As a blogger sometimes I read something and immediately there is a feeling of excitement and sometimes sadness. Here are some of the sayings which at TauYaMasepeng we prefer to call "inspiration";

Don’t take money for granted. Use it wisely and make sure you invest each month – even when it’s tough in terms of revenue by Gregory Tubane of NRP Properties & Contractors

Marketing is a cumulative process, so if you don’t start out strategically and then build on to what you’ve done, you won’t get the maximum return on your investment by Donna Rachelson

What I found inspiring about such men is that nothing was given to them on a silver platter – instead they created their wealth themselves by Lungisa Matshoba of Yeigo Communications

Remember that launching a PR campaign is just the beginning, and that efficiency, awesome customer service and keeping your new clients happy are just as vital as a creating compelling buzz by Puseletso Mompei- Communications Consultant and Trainer

Evaluate the legitimacy of a negative opinion. Is this a valid point? Can this be true? by Sherona Rawat-Clinical Psychologist

Source: DestinyMan