Wednesday, September 03, 2014

5 SA great women and men

As a blogger sometimes I read something and immediately there is a feeling of excitement and sometimes sadness. Here are some of the sayings which at TauYaMasepeng we prefer to call "inspiration";

Don’t take money for granted. Use it wisely and make sure you invest each month – even when it’s tough in terms of revenue by Gregory Tubane of NRP Properties & Contractors

Marketing is a cumulative process, so if you don’t start out strategically and then build on to what you’ve done, you won’t get the maximum return on your investment by Donna Rachelson

What I found inspiring about such men is that nothing was given to them on a silver platter – instead they created their wealth themselves by Lungisa Matshoba of Yeigo Communications

Remember that launching a PR campaign is just the beginning, and that efficiency, awesome customer service and keeping your new clients happy are just as vital as a creating compelling buzz by Puseletso Mompei- Communications Consultant and Trainer

Evaluate the legitimacy of a negative opinion. Is this a valid point? Can this be true? by Sherona Rawat-Clinical Psychologist

Source: DestinyMan
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