Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Magazine Report: Destiny and Destiny Man September 2014

If you happen to go to the shops this weekend or pass by the garage after work, make sure you grab the latest issues of Destiny and Destiny Man. I bought both and these are some of the highlights;


First and foremost, if you are thinking of owning your future by starting your own company or just caught in a dead end job that seems to bore you day in and day out, Destiny compiled an A5 size handbook, on the other side it gives tools and advice on starting your own company while on the other it takes a closer look on careers, from studying to useful insights and changing jobs.

This magazine is known for powerful ladies on their covers, so keeping it up, on the cover for September is Dr Anna Mokgokong of Community Investments Holdings. She dishes behind the scenes of her R18 billion company. Other amazing story is that of Candi&Co, one of the newest additions to Sorbet Group. This group seem to have all the answers in the beauty industry; they are one to beat if you dream of owning your own salon or a beauty spa.


On the cover is the man who gave a new meaning to banking, Michael Jordaan. The former CEO of First National Bank. He talks about his new role as the Chairman of Wines SA amongst other things. Interestedly he seems to be a cheerleader for “disruptive business” model.

I pray they get someone to take over the Political column currently contributed by Justice Malala, personally his opinion biased and somewhat one-sided. He is a respected media person but i battle to connect with his views on this column.

Happy reading!
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