Monday, September 15, 2014

Midrand-Tembisa TV on Open View HD

MTTV, a community TV station in Tembisa/Midrand will soon air on Open View HD, an etv platform, according to a statement released via MTTV's Facebook page. A milestone for MTTV as they are not that popular with the locals.

About MTTV

MT-tv is a new television station targeting young people, young adults and the community at large. The demographic is made up of individuals who are comfortable with modern technology use and interested in using the internet and watching television, to consistently be up to date with the latest and who’s doing what. Mt-tv is a platform for the community to be educated, entertained and be involved in social responsibilities.

In community participation, MT-tv is a community initiative that aims to benefit the community at large and in various ways. Access to information in this age is key thus all community members will learn and see educational programs, skills development in filming, TV production, directing, presenting, journalism, research, job opportunities, business opportunities, social investment and to bring development closer to communities.

Source MTTV
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