Friday, October 31, 2014

You will buy a Carvela after reading this!

Carvela shoe brand, one of the most expensive shoe brand in South Africa and a firm favourite for Pretorians, Limpopians and Skhothanes. As much as the shoe brand can at times force you to dislike any outfit teamed with it, Spitz is still capitalising effectively in areas where this shoe brand is famous and adored. I have an issue with Spitz though; their advertising is not strong and targeted enough. Whenever I see their ads in glossy magazines like True Love and Destiny, my stomach boils, then again I figured maybe I am just misinformed.

I closely looked at people who buy this shoe brand and immediately realised that there is more Spitz can do in terms of advertising to these people. So I compiled 5 things they need to do ASAP:

1. Music festivals – no need to target existing events but they should organise their own targeted at the younger crowds (18-25). Instead of just booking artists and hoping these groups will buy tickets, Spitz should create an amazing lifestyle experience themed around this shoe brand. Imagine tag lines that ooze partying and status? Now that will be a day they will trend for right reasons on social media.

2. Team up with a fashion designer who can design fun and wearable casual clothes. It does not end there, a fashion show that is not glamorous but has class at a pub like Caprivi or Moloko. The clothes need to be affordable and must scream buy me with a pair of Carvelas'.

3. They should focus more on university brand activations, especially around Pretoria and Limpopo. Not just once, they can combine these activations with point number 1. Sort of a build up, sign up for our newsletter get a free entrance at out next must festival kinda thing only if you wear your Carvelas'.

4. A great blog on how to care for shoes. No need for fancy stuff here, just a basic blog with useful info updated daily.

5.Taxi and bus branding. With clever tag lines and using models that their target market adore, Dr Malinga or AKA will do.

They must just hire a marketing agency to help them!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Where to stay in Joburg?

Joburg is home to people from all over South Africa and the neighbouring countries. We leave our loved ones behind to head to the city of gold hoping to find work and business opportunities. This city called Msawawa, has no time for you, many have left it with diseases while others have indeed mined gold. If you’re reading this blog post from somewhere in Limpopo or KZN, and you probably have decided to join your brothers and sisters in Joburg, continue reading.

Let me highlight to you that even though it may seem like Jozi is where the money is, do not be surprised upon your arrival when there is no sign indicating where you can make genuine quick money. To make it here requires you to be very vigilant and positive. There will be times you wish home was just a train station away. Before you get excited, let’s sort out your accommodation.

I will presume, you are writing your final matric exms and headed to university or college thereafter – if you pass of cause. For you, life has not started as yet. I say this because your parents will still send you money and pay your accommodation on top of that. For those who are like many others with no means for varsity, here are accommodation options for you in Gauteng aka Maboneng:

A community hostel it’s a safe option until you can afford to pay rent. However, keep in mind that it helps to know someone there before you attempt taking the first bus to Jozi. Hostels have in the past housed immigrants who worked in mines and factories, today they are homes to many South Africans who either earn little or are still looking for employment.

Most popular form of housing, Shacks. Government is working very hard to get rid of informal settlements. Still you are bound to find many informal settlements around the province with shacks to rent. The rent is very low due to the poor living conditions but one should be very careful as fires gulp these shacks speedily in winter.

Renting a room either at someone’s yard mostly in locations like Tembisa and Soweto or in someone’s flat in the city centre. Just like any other dwelling there are challenges with room renting but it is better than nothing. Not only will you have privacy but it teaches you a thing or two about independence.

Renting a flat, only consider this option once you have a well paying permanent job. The same applies if you would like to rent a house.

Remember no one came to Joburg and made it instantly!

And bathing?

LOL! Unless you’re a nyaope addict, bathing is necessary. You will not get laid with smelly armpits. Do not worry though, let me sort you out.

Firstly, if you’re renting a room/shack and there are no available showers or baths. Buy a Skotel aka Mobile Bath Tub (don’t know what it’s called in English) which you can fit in. Tembisa has the best ones at Swazi-Inn, so do Marabastad in Pretoria and Small Street in Jozi. Your mornings should start early as you have to boil water using an electric kettle if you have electricity or paraffin stove if you don’t. Bring in Vaslap with Sunlight soap, and then you are sorted.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Celebrities that have own websites in South Africa

Other than using their websites to market their brands effectively, you can tell that these celebrities take themselves seriously. Let’s look at celebrity websites that are not easy to ignore:

Miss Lira by Lira. A well respected South African soul singer.

Bonang Matheba by Bonang Matheba. Dubbed the queen of everything entertainment.

Trevor Noah by Trevor Noah. Mr Globetrotter himself.

Luvdr by Dineo Ranaka.

DJ Zinhle by DJ Zinhle.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Radio stations in Limpopo

Just like any other province in South Africa, Limpopo has radio stations that are just as popular as those in Gauteng. Limpopo is home to Sepedi, Venda and Tsonga nations including unofficial nations like the Balobedu and Batlokwa. The radio stations in Limpopo cater to everyone who lives there, and even people who are based in other provinces like Mpumalanga. Here’s the list of the dominating masters of the airwaves;

Capricorn FM which mainly broadcast in English but also incorporate other Limpopo languages.
Energy FM. A newly formed urban radio station,
Munghana Lonene.
Phalaphala FM
Thobela FM

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Television production houses you can hire to produce adverts in SA

Yes! Lights, camera...let’s shoot that viral ad!

You are as good as the people you choose to work with. Yep, when it comes to shooting ads often creatives cut corners crying budget limitations. Love, you cannot roll like that! Get proper and qualified crews so your ads can be as exciting as on paper.

Here are 8 production houses to help you deliver your brand’s message:

1. Ballistic Pictures
2. Call a Crew
3. A Gallery Productions
4. Cats Eye
5. Eagle Films
6. Boomtown Film Production
7. Channel 5 Television & Film Productions
8. Kwekwezi Productions

Now, Go get those Loeries and Cannes!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Greatest lessons from SME's

Since Vusi Silora started supplying retail giant Massmart, his business’s turnover has more than quadrupled – from R90 000 to R400 000 in just two years.. Original article at Small Business Connect

Azola Ngwekazi has almost doubled her turnover after entering Raizcorp’s incubation programme last year. Read more here

It’s simple, treat your clients like gold and you’ll be amazed at the power of word of mouth advertising. from Destiny Connect

Where to advertise in Tembisa

Marketing loves me as much as I do. The creative environment that Marketing brings excites me greatly. For those who do not know, Advertising is part of Marketing and Marketers go out of their way to spend advertising budget wisely to bring in the sales or to pump up brand awareness.

Today, because I am a nice guy, compiled a list of spots to look at in Tembisa to advertise. These places will not suit each and every brand but will certainly help you as a Marketer to make the best of your marketing budget.

Currently there are 2 busiest roads in Tembisa simply named Straight Line and Main Line. Tembisa community travel on these two everyday to work, visit friends and party. Few billboards are available, so are street poles you can target. The billboard situated at Birch Acres is perfect and the ones next to Tembisa Plaza. However, if you can’t afford them as they are quite pricey, Keys Communications have few walls they can offer you at a reasonable price.

Train Stations
Oakmoor, Limindlela, Leralla and Tembisa stations are busy at peak hours. Billboards are also available at these stations. Try brand activations during busy times to complement your billboards ad. Two is better than one.

Malls and Shopping Centres
I would consider brand activations only. Simply because I think you stand a better chance of getting an immediate reaction and hopefully close some sales through them especially at malls. And If you have your product or service offered at one of the shops at these malls, you can incorporate that to create a much better interactive mall/s campaign. Here’s list of malls in Tembisa:

-Birch Acres Mall
-Tembisa Plaza
-Megamart Shopping Centre
-Phumulani Mall
-Score Shopping Centre
-Rabasotho Shopping Centre
-Pick n Pay Shopping Centre

Rhythm City was at Busy Corner this past weekend. And according to Just Curious, the turnout was not bad at all. Busy Corner is one of the busiest chisa nyamas in Tembisa. You can do absolutely anything you want as the place attracts different kinds of people from different locations and cities.
Caprivi Jazz Lounge as well is not bad; in fact, Hansa Pilsner shot an ad with the owner there not so long ago. Other than that, locals love Caprivi and you can never go wrong if you plan accordingly keeping in mind that it is afterall a drinking place.

Taxi Ranks
Only Sangweni deserves a chance. Other Taxi ranks in Tembisa attracts few sections but Sangweni is used by almost everyone who needs to go anywhere.

Stick to general ads on well known channels, Midrand-Tembisa TV is not there yet in terms of traffic.


Daily Sun still dominates. It is better to stick with them while also looking into getting your strip ad on Tembisan (Local newspaper owned by Caxton)

Voice of Tembisa boats quite a good following. Situated in Sangweni, be creative here as your budget may go to waste.

I am always available to assist should you need to look at other places to advertise without having to worry about getting lost or attracting the required traffic. Just give me a ring or contact Tembisa On Record.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Malls and Shopping Centres in Limpopo to advertise your brand

Before you go on an advertising spree, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Limpopo it’s not Gauteng or KZN, do you research if possible. Some brands do well here on billboards coupled with in-store/mall activations while others don’t. I am a big fan of regional adverts but I know most brands do not always have the budget or the time to invest on these. I believe customers warm up to an advert that is more about their surroundings and stories - stuff they are familiar with.

Anyway, the mall list below;

•Cycad Centre
•Flora Park Centre
•Game Centre
•Limpopo Mall
•Savannah Mall
•Standard Bank Square
•Mahwelereng Shopping Centre
Mall of the North
•Elim Mall
•Thavhani Mall
•Paledi Mall
•Tsaneng Mall
•Masingita Shopping Centre
•Bochum Plaza
•Letaba mall

Marry offline with online. You will thank me later!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Great Masters of Ceremonies in Limpopo to hire

If you are planning an event of any kind in Limpopo, you may have to consider hiring MC’s that are already based there to save on travelling and accommodation costs. For agencies that host brand activations frequently in Limpopo malls and big scale events, try sourcing MC’s that attract massive crowds. In this way you will offer your clients more eyes than you could have with someone else who is not really a crown favourite.

Here are personalities you should hire to officiate your event;

Ashifashabba Shonisani Muleya . Need I say more?

Skhumbuzo Mbatha. He has a superb and engaging personality.

Brian Rikhotso otherwise known as DJ Brian. He will be suitable for a bigger scale activation gig.

Conny Mashimbye. Ask ladies, they will tell you that they bought OMO because of her.

Mankoko Baby Mokhari. Energetic and confident.

Maxwell Modiba. One of the talented Radio DJ’s we have in Limpopo and who is so good and youth’s firm favourite.

Bokang Montjane, former beauty queen.

Start with these stars and if you are still unsure, give me a ring!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Are men bracelets appropriate for work?

Some companies do not allow them but some do. Just make sure you ask your manager or HR department. If they are not allowed, please make sure you rock them with your weekends outfits. You can still be hot without having to loose your job.

Here are few examples of fashionable men bracelets that you can rock for work;

Monday, October 20, 2014

Marketing for SME's

I truly do not understand why small businesses are not making an effort to market their products/services when marketing today does no longer require millions. Today, all you need is time and a great marketing strategy to get going. Things have changed and as a business person you should pull your socks and start taking advantage of the many available ways to market your products/services.

You probably thinking which ways are those...

Please peruse this blog carefully, there are post that touch base on Marketing. If you are still not sure, please feel free to contact me.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

South African brands available at Luminance

Boutique stores in SA are doing things their way and it is quite amazing that they are also stocking local designers. Luminance, a high-end boutique based in Johanneburg is another one that is refusing to be just that boutique. Before I carry on the whole day, let’s look at SA brands that are for sale at Luminance;

Stoned Cherrie – expect anything less from this fashion brand. Just ask Lira she has one or two garments from them.
Sindiso Khumalo, a uniquely South African fashion brand that can easily compete successfully in Paris.
Okapi, they produce quality handbags and accessories.
Marianne Fassler, one of the best fashion designers we have in this country.
Lalesso founded by SA designers, Olivia Kennaway and Alice Heusser.

Visit Luminance website to view more.

Top 10 Twitter Profiles in South Africa according to Social Bakers

I still say these accounts following them need to be checked.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Top 10 South African brands on Twitter according to Social Bakers

Dineo Ranaka on E-commerce

Call her a crazy mama, but girl, Dineo Ranaka is here to stay. South Africa watched her on Dioneo’s Diary as she juggled launching a clothing business and every day challenges. She invited Top Billing to reveal her baby number 3, an online store.

Dineo joins over 50 plus online stores we have in South Africa. To shop and view her online store, visit Luvdar. Dineo teamed up with 5@2 Media on this project consulting as Web Developers. I must say it looks proper!

Fastest growing Twitter Profiles according to Social Bakers

Numbers do not lie!

Fashion according to David Beckham

SA Fashion Week inspired this post. So did GQ Magazine.

See his swag here

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Social Media Report – SA Celebs on Twitter

Wondering how our celebs are doing on Twitter? Well, Social Bakers has all the answers. Here are some that are worth talking about;

Comedy Royalty, @Trevornoah, currently boosts 1 600 349 followers and he follows 50. This guy is doing great locally and internationally, I am not surprised that he has so many followers.

@SizweDhlomo aka Dhoogle has 330 366 and follows 161.

Another comedian, @loyisogola of LNN, follows 3 257 while he is followed by 424 833 tweeps.

Queen of everything, @bonang_m has 787 055 followers and she follows only 962.

Cliff Central boss, @GarethCliff already on 770 488 followers and shem, he only follows 137 people.

Big Dawg, @DJFreshSA boosts 675 447 followers and he is very generous on following. He currently follows 20 190 people.

Intombi yoMzulu @MinnieDlamini follows 346 and followed by 650 692.

Social Bakers publish statistics across Social Media platforms. Visit them here

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Photo & Film Expo 2014

If you haven't heard yet, the Photo and Film Expo is set to blow Joburg image and film gurus. More details here

Monday, October 13, 2014

Public Relations and Communications agencies to work with in South Africa

Because I love brands who take themselves serious, this is my way of saving them time surfing internet the whole day looking for PR companies they can work with.

1. Duo Marketing - Our PR services are aimed at telling our clients’ innovation stories, creating awareness and high brand visibility in key industry publications

2. Creative Marketing Company - At Creation Lab we believe that marketing needs to have gravity… an attracting force that draws everything to it.

3. P and P Communications (P and P) - P and P’s services include public relations, digital communication including social media management and content generation, advertising and events.

4. Epic Communications.

5. Spindle Communications.

6. Wired Communications.

More companies on Bizcommunity.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Upcoming Advertising short-courses in Johannesburg

Adobe Creative Cloud boot camp with AAA School of Advertising.

Digital Marketing with Red & Yellow .

Diploma in Digital Marketing with BrandSchool.

E-commerce marketing workshop with Blue Magnet Digital.

Sourced at Bizcommunity

Business Magazines in South Africa

Entrepreneurs are my favourite people in the world. If you think about it, they create employment and also influence change in the communities they operate in. However, when the going gets tough, entrepreneurs search for solution all over the place. Often, business magazines are the first choice if not the only. The business magazines we have in this country enjoy subscriptions and unique visits from this hard-working and individuals-with-balls society. Besides that, as an entrepreneur, you can also acquire leads via these magazines.

Here are SA's business magazines in no particular order;

Destiny Man and Destiny by Ndalo Media.

SME South Africa

Entrepreneur Magazine SA

Your Business Magazine

Industry SA

Leadership Magazine

African Business Review

The African Business Journal

Business Brief

If there are other business magazines that you know about, please share below.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

DESTINY MAN’s 2014 Power of 40

DESTINY MAN’s 2014 Power of 40 back with a bang. Men too attend events in case you were wondering. More details here

Friday, October 10, 2014

Fashion Brands in South Africa

SA fashion is not Paris or Milan, but it is bigger than you think. Here are some of the best names in the fashion scene that refuse to give up;

FabroSanz Creations - were the preferred choice for Our Perfect Wedding programme which airs on Msanzi Magic

Rubicon. They dressed Bokang, former Miss SA, for various events.

Yadah Exclusive Designs owned by Thembeka Vilakazi

Touch of Bling by self-taught designer, Thabo Khumalo.


Ephymol by former model now turned designer, Ephraim Molingoane.

Gravitie clothing based in Durban by Kujula Mtambo.

Followed by another Durban rising fashion band, House of Saint Luke.

Wake, owned by by Pieter Burger

Matte Nolim founded by Siyethemba Duma

Joel Janse van Vuuren by, well, Joel Janse van Vuuren

M4S by Brazilian native, Luiz ‘De Laja.

There are so many that are doing very well. Will show follow up with another list.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Social Media success case study: Our Perfect Wedding

This show surprised many; no one actually believed it will succeed in the beginning. Produced by Connect TV, Our Perfect Wedding is already in production for its fourth season on Mzanzi Magic. This goes to show that when something is good, SA will embrace it and the channel will keep on asking for more.

Mzansi Magic is airing best episodes from the last season while the producers are working on a new season. This is great #OPW as they won’t disappear in conversations especially online. Nothing is as good as people freely talking about you.

It is very difficult in SA right now to get Facebook and Twitter users to freely tweet and post about your show, you are should damn capitalise when they do so. Hence, TV shows need to start calling in Social Media agencies who understand the TV industry to help them with good Digital Marketing strategies. Not only will this make sure they have a smooth running Social Media presence, but will also help them in monitoring successes and failures. As a producer it is one thing producing a great show but another to make sure it continues to capture the hearts of South African television viewers and stays the talking point on social media and print.

But the #OPW trended with almost every show, with Facebook tailing behind. Facebook boosts over 9.4 billion users in SA but it’s not a great platform for live events due to its News feed or Reach changes.

News Feed is designed to show each person on Facebook the content that’s most relevant to them. Of the 1,500+ stories a person might see whenever they log onto Facebook, News Feed displays approximately 300.

Twitter on the other hand is reliable for TV shows, and live events. But, if the show is not up to standard or received by the audience, it will feel like Facebook.

Stats for Our Perfect Wedding

52 863 page likes on Facebook
On average; over 35 shares on updates (posts), 200 likes and 30 or more comments when the show airs
#OPW trended for 24.5 out of 26 episodes (3rd season)

This is very good for a programme airing on DSTV. You pay for the service so with SA’s dwindling unemployment stats, #OPW should teach other programmes on their stable winning formulas.

Anyway, DSTV recorded around 500 000 subscriber growth last June, full story here

Monday, October 06, 2014

What no one tells you about Yizo Yizo

Early days of love

When the dating game was simple, love was perfect. We did not make it complicated, we just did what we thought was right and required at the time. None of us knew any other world than that we lived in. Television was a major influence in terms of how we viewed love. To propose you only needed to write a love letter that will sweep her off her feet instantly. We relied on friends to deliver the letter but sometimes we just shoved it in school bags in between books hoping it will be read and ultimately, responded to.

Even though this carried on for quite a while, some girls were ashamed to claim their boyfriends in public because it was taboo to date while your chest is still flat, as a girl. If they were to find out that you received a letter from a certain boy, oh well, the whole class will make fun of you. Marie biscuits and Mayo dates will follow if you are lucky, and have money. Otherwise constant camping at her house will only be what you will do in hope that her parents will send her somewhere which will then allow you to propose quickly with your friends waiting nearby to jump in whenever you fumble. This also did not guarantee anything but it was worth a shot.

Entered Yizo Yizo

This was a breaking point in most schools. For some reason, Yizo Yizo gave youngsters confidence in most amazing ways. Suddenly everyone felt they can get away with anything. Our minds were completely changed, what we viewed on our television screens every night ultimately will be what we do the following day at school. Disrespecting teachers, Zola Seven stick, bucket hat, you name it. This did not sit well with school teachers as their safety was threatened, in fact, some were beaten.

The constant fighting amongst learners angered parents as dangerous weapons like Knives were used. The place of learning that was supposed to be safe quickly turned into a battlefield. Nothing is as dangerous as a teenager in early years of puberty. There are unstoppable and very rude, what they feel is right; it is in their own mind. If elders try to step in to advice them, they risk being attacked.

As OBE was also taking shape, sex education was a new syllabus amongst others introduced at school from Grade 8. Most of us wanted to experiment without considering the dangers of having unprotected sex. What we knew for sure was that if Thiza and Javas can do it, so can we. Teenage pregnancies followed, as with most problems everyone blamed the sex education rather than us. I remember one day asking myself if this was the life I wanted for myself, I knew there was more out there, but with that environment being my reality, the only thing left was to face it and hope for the best.

Yizo Yizo did do bad and good at the same time. The series encouraged us to debate issues that we could not before. The issue of HIV is one that featured a lot. Programmes like Love Life and I am an African were introduced and their success in educating us about the pandemic was revealed through our dedication to these programmes every year. Soul City played as well which meant that the sex education was indeed not only at school but in our living rooms. This extension allowed us to formulate even better ideas about love. But the teenage pregnancies got worse.
Up to this day, it is still a problem. I for one became a father at 19. This experience scared me, in the same time that it helped me discover so many things about my life. Either way, I thank God it happened.

With time, things changed...

Today, a simple SMS can get you dumped faster than Ferrari. Majority of people owning mobile phones, excuses no longer work. Social Media and online chat rooms made it very easy for even that shy guy to express how he feels.

Love is more than just saying; I love you. There is lot that is required from you to make it work. If you are online (Whatsapp) and you do not respond, or call as often as you should, you won’t succeed. Even worse, if you can’t afford to buy her data or airtime, in some cases if she can’t, you might just well forget. However, it’s not all bad; this change makes it very easy to keep flames alive in any way possible. Nudes and video calling are just some of the things that will make your lover wishing he was there with you. Mobile phones allow us to be in contact with our love ones on speed dial. This enhances relationships in a big way.

Love is still complicated, it’s a two way street. Some people date for money while others are just in it for the sake of it. I think loving someone is amazing but when you aren’t loved in return and you are still there, its foolishness. Why be in love knowing very well you will not be able to put in the work needed to make it awesomely perfect?

Sunday, October 05, 2014

A great way to a better and prosperous future awaits you

Have you ever woken up one day and just didn’t see why you should go to work? The thought of working for someone just seem to distract your day every day? It may be the right time to start thinking of ways to avoid feeling that way. Sometimes this kind of a feeling comes when we feel that we have reached a ceiling. That job you once gave it your all, no longer seem to excite or entice you.

Cost of living is too high, to such an extent that we are willing to sacrifice our own happiness to feed our families which is admirable. However, there is no living in depriving yourself that happiness you wish for. Honestly speaking buts and ifs are the ones that hold us back. If we only knew what we are capable of, we wouldn’t succumb to buts and ifs.

The best way is to start determine the cause of the problem – what triggers you to feel that way. You may find that the work load is actually weighing heavily; you feel the only way out is just to avoid work indefinitely. If this is the case, create a to-do-list and allocate times to each and every task you write down. In this way you will be able to manage your time appropriately and it will force you to finish them quicker and in a good manner without feeling bad about yourself.

Having a bad boss can cause one to hate work, and issues with bosses should be handled with care as they are sensitive in nature. The only effective way to deal with a demanding boss starts with delivering excellent work and on time. Not only will you disarm them, but it will give you much needed breathing space. Never argue with an angry boss unless it is in a respective manner and within reason. Bad bosses are mostly people who lack self esteem and feel threatened quite easily, and this is my opinion.

Focus on your goals; you are not at work to make friends but to succeed in life not only in that company. Your professionalism and work are what will carry you throughout. Sometimes even the best companies with great bosses aren’t a problem but you. If you feel the company will not add any value to your working life, you are always encouraged to negotiate a better challenge or just resign. Whatever you do, do not burn bridges.

Finally, some people were born entrepreneurs or are one. The idea of working for someone doesn’t excite them at all. Whatever you offer them as an employee, really can never make them stay or like their job. If you are one of those people, take good look at yourself and tell yourself that whatever comes your way in your entrepreneurial journey, will not deter you.
Hope this helps you, if not; career counsellors are always waiting for your call.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Magazines Review: Destiny Man and Destiny October 2014

Destiny Man took things to the kitchen this time around; on the cover are Reuben Riffel and Benny Masekwameng. They mostly share their triumphs and trials in the kitchen and many other important things one should look out for when entering the culinary world. Also interesting, is the article written by Mzo Witbooi about education – Maths and Science to be specific.

This magazine is one that does not shy away from discussing things like grooming and fashion which are topics men ignore. They talk with Lawrence Monyapelo of Previdar and other men who are making fashion their business.

Destiny takes on gospel, Zanele Mbokazi is on the cover talking all things PR and entrepreneurship amongst other things. Ladies in mining, politics and other reputable industries also offer their 5cents regarding this and that. Lerato Moloi, models with ease. Her poise and look at me posture sells it.

Friday, October 03, 2014

Latest brands news – local and international

If you haven’t heard as yet, Lupita from Kenya who won an Oscar for her role on 12 years a slave was unveiled as the new face of LancĂ´me. This is one Paris brand that is not that popular in South Africa, maybe she can change that. Campaigns are looking good especially on print.

Pearl Thusi who has managed to make a name in entertainment has also bagged a good deal with Europa Art Shoes. This bright lady is indeed on the right track.

Keeping it in retail, Legit also introduced Lala of VEntertainment as one of their new celebrity partner; previously they had entertainment royalty, Bonang Matheba. Hopefully Lala will take this opportunity to map out a way forward.

Elelwani Official Trailer with Florence Masebe

Elelwani and her boyfriend are in love and plan to spend the rest of their lives together. They are both educated and live urban lives with aspirations to travel abroad. After the University graduation Elelwani returns to her family in the rural countryside to introduce her boyfriend and announce their future plans. But the weight of tradition bears heavily on her family and they refuse to accept the union. The father wants his daughter to become the wife of the local king, despite her insistent refusal. What unfolds is a secret hidden by the royal family from the community and Elelwani is destined to uncover these mysteries and deceptions.

Source and Text: Youtube

Thursday, October 02, 2014

The Best 2 KFC adverts on TV

Nandos is the best in South Africa when it comes to TV adverts but it looks like soon KFC may take their spot. Here are some of their adverts which are making serious waves on TV;

KFC Boosta Week starring Brenda Ngxoli

and of course, Khuli Chana and The Streetwise 3 

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

2 to 3 Reasons why Blogging is more than just a hobby

When I started blogging, I didn’t really know exactly what I was getting myself into. The most important thing for me at that stage was just about creating a platform for my opinions. However, I’m glad I started, because today through blogging I managed to educate myself more regarding the technicalities and other important factors that make blogging less scary. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to starting something at any stage I feel will work, I go for it, no questions asked.

If you are planning to start a blog, make sure you focus more on what you know or at least write post you will be interested to read. If you are still not sure, here is what you can do;

The best is to start learning, reading and writing as much as you can and early as possible. To polish my English as a child, I begged my parents to enrol me at a local English tutor, the tutorials we conducted after school in groups so it made the learning experience exciting and helped me greatly in building my confidence. Even though I did not stay at that school for long, I continued to participate a lot in class on projects that required writing or just answering questions during lessons. Later at high school the enthusiasm assured teachers and others that they can trust me which in turn helped me to sharpen my communication skills. If it was not for that, my communication and writing would have just derailed me in achieving my goals. I am still learning as I believe in keeping upgrading myself and writing.

Reading magazines, books, actually everything, and paying attention when others speak, be it on TV or radio, introduced me to a different world. My curiosity allowed me to always ask myself important questions not to just listen and read for the sake of it. As much as we hate to admit it, a great learning attitude opens doors.

I always had an interest in different sectors including Entertainment, but soon realised that I stand a better chance in PR. Even though there were challenges at first to access the education, a college Director came to my rescue by offering a bursary which in fact kick-started a career/s I enjoy today. Not only did I negotiate my way into that college, but campus committees which included taking part in different Marketing campaigns had my name on them. I just couldn’t stop taking part in almost everything that meant getting me noticed for right reasons. Upon graduation I was honored with a Most Dedicated Student of the Year award.

Various Marketing and general supporting roles followed mainly in the education sector, however, I just felt there was much more one can do with Digital Media rather than just Marketing offline, and this required hours in class, and followed by completely changing the way I viewed marketing. The opportunities that followed showed and still does that no brand can survive strictly on print and mainstream media in the times that we live in. The Marketing/PR game has changed together with all its many components. Hence, blogging requires more than just writing and publishing. It does not mean you have to be in marketing space to blog, however, it requires you to understand the dynamics. Any industry is relevant but core basics have to be practiced.

Today my time is divided into reading, writing and re-writing, editing and creating quick lines, all for personal and brands that I work on. Trust me when I say it is one road I'm glad I treveled. There is so much one can do, we just don't realise it!