Sunday, October 05, 2014

A great way to a better and prosperous future awaits you

Have you ever woken up one day and just didn’t see why you should go to work? The thought of working for someone just seem to distract your day every day? It may be the right time to start thinking of ways to avoid feeling that way. Sometimes this kind of a feeling comes when we feel that we have reached a ceiling. That job you once gave it your all, no longer seem to excite or entice you.

Cost of living is too high, to such an extent that we are willing to sacrifice our own happiness to feed our families which is admirable. However, there is no living in depriving yourself that happiness you wish for. Honestly speaking buts and ifs are the ones that hold us back. If we only knew what we are capable of, we wouldn’t succumb to buts and ifs.

The best way is to start determine the cause of the problem – what triggers you to feel that way. You may find that the work load is actually weighing heavily; you feel the only way out is just to avoid work indefinitely. If this is the case, create a to-do-list and allocate times to each and every task you write down. In this way you will be able to manage your time appropriately and it will force you to finish them quicker and in a good manner without feeling bad about yourself.

Having a bad boss can cause one to hate work, and issues with bosses should be handled with care as they are sensitive in nature. The only effective way to deal with a demanding boss starts with delivering excellent work and on time. Not only will you disarm them, but it will give you much needed breathing space. Never argue with an angry boss unless it is in a respective manner and within reason. Bad bosses are mostly people who lack self esteem and feel threatened quite easily, and this is my opinion.

Focus on your goals; you are not at work to make friends but to succeed in life not only in that company. Your professionalism and work are what will carry you throughout. Sometimes even the best companies with great bosses aren’t a problem but you. If you feel the company will not add any value to your working life, you are always encouraged to negotiate a better challenge or just resign. Whatever you do, do not burn bridges.

Finally, some people were born entrepreneurs or are one. The idea of working for someone doesn’t excite them at all. Whatever you offer them as an employee, really can never make them stay or like their job. If you are one of those people, take good look at yourself and tell yourself that whatever comes your way in your entrepreneurial journey, will not deter you.
Hope this helps you, if not; career counsellors are always waiting for your call.
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