Wednesday, October 01, 2014

2 to 3 Reasons why Blogging is more than just a hobby

When I started blogging, I didn’t really know exactly what I was getting myself into. The most important thing for me at that stage was just about creating a platform for my opinions. However, I’m glad I started, because today through blogging I managed to educate myself more regarding the technicalities and other important factors that make blogging less scary. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to starting something at any stage I feel will work, I go for it, no questions asked.

If you are planning to start a blog, make sure you focus more on what you know or at least write post you will be interested to read. If you are still not sure, here is what you can do;

The best is to start learning, reading and writing as much as you can and early as possible. To polish my English as a child, I begged my parents to enrol me at a local English tutor, the tutorials we conducted after school in groups so it made the learning experience exciting and helped me greatly in building my confidence. Even though I did not stay at that school for long, I continued to participate a lot in class on projects that required writing or just answering questions during lessons. Later at high school the enthusiasm assured teachers and others that they can trust me which in turn helped me to sharpen my communication skills. If it was not for that, my communication and writing would have just derailed me in achieving my goals. I am still learning as I believe in keeping upgrading myself and writing.

Reading magazines, books, actually everything, and paying attention when others speak, be it on TV or radio, introduced me to a different world. My curiosity allowed me to always ask myself important questions not to just listen and read for the sake of it. As much as we hate to admit it, a great learning attitude opens doors.

I always had an interest in different sectors including Entertainment, but soon realised that I stand a better chance in PR. Even though there were challenges at first to access the education, a college Director came to my rescue by offering a bursary which in fact kick-started a career/s I enjoy today. Not only did I negotiate my way into that college, but campus committees which included taking part in different Marketing campaigns had my name on them. I just couldn’t stop taking part in almost everything that meant getting me noticed for right reasons. Upon graduation I was honored with a Most Dedicated Student of the Year award.

Various Marketing and general supporting roles followed mainly in the education sector, however, I just felt there was much more one can do with Digital Media rather than just Marketing offline, and this required hours in class, and followed by completely changing the way I viewed marketing. The opportunities that followed showed and still does that no brand can survive strictly on print and mainstream media in the times that we live in. The Marketing/PR game has changed together with all its many components. Hence, blogging requires more than just writing and publishing. It does not mean you have to be in marketing space to blog, however, it requires you to understand the dynamics. Any industry is relevant but core basics have to be practiced.

Today my time is divided into reading, writing and re-writing, editing and creating quick lines, all for personal and brands that I work on. Trust me when I say it is one road I'm glad I treveled. There is so much one can do, we just don't realise it!
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