Friday, October 24, 2014

Where to advertise in Tembisa

Marketing loves me as much as I do. The creative environment that Marketing brings excites me greatly. For those who do not know, Advertising is part of Marketing and Marketers go out of their way to spend advertising budget wisely to bring in the sales or to pump up brand awareness.

Today, because I am a nice guy, compiled a list of spots to look at in Tembisa to advertise. These places will not suit each and every brand but will certainly help you as a Marketer to make the best of your marketing budget.

Currently there are 2 busiest roads in Tembisa simply named Straight Line and Main Line. Tembisa community travel on these two everyday to work, visit friends and party. Few billboards are available, so are street poles you can target. The billboard situated at Birch Acres is perfect and the ones next to Tembisa Plaza. However, if you can’t afford them as they are quite pricey, Keys Communications have few walls they can offer you at a reasonable price.

Train Stations
Oakmoor, Limindlela, Leralla and Tembisa stations are busy at peak hours. Billboards are also available at these stations. Try brand activations during busy times to complement your billboards ad. Two is better than one.

Malls and Shopping Centres
I would consider brand activations only. Simply because I think you stand a better chance of getting an immediate reaction and hopefully close some sales through them especially at malls. And If you have your product or service offered at one of the shops at these malls, you can incorporate that to create a much better interactive mall/s campaign. Here’s list of malls in Tembisa:

-Birch Acres Mall
-Tembisa Plaza
-Megamart Shopping Centre
-Phumulani Mall
-Score Shopping Centre
-Rabasotho Shopping Centre
-Pick n Pay Shopping Centre

Rhythm City was at Busy Corner this past weekend. And according to Just Curious, the turnout was not bad at all. Busy Corner is one of the busiest chisa nyamas in Tembisa. You can do absolutely anything you want as the place attracts different kinds of people from different locations and cities.
Caprivi Jazz Lounge as well is not bad; in fact, Hansa Pilsner shot an ad with the owner there not so long ago. Other than that, locals love Caprivi and you can never go wrong if you plan accordingly keeping in mind that it is afterall a drinking place.

Taxi Ranks
Only Sangweni deserves a chance. Other Taxi ranks in Tembisa attracts few sections but Sangweni is used by almost everyone who needs to go anywhere.

Stick to general ads on well known channels, Midrand-Tembisa TV is not there yet in terms of traffic.


Daily Sun still dominates. It is better to stick with them while also looking into getting your strip ad on Tembisan (Local newspaper owned by Caxton)

Voice of Tembisa boats quite a good following. Situated in Sangweni, be creative here as your budget may go to waste.

I am always available to assist should you need to look at other places to advertise without having to worry about getting lost or attracting the required traffic. Just give me a ring or contact Tembisa On Record.

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