Thursday, October 30, 2014

Where to stay in Joburg?

Joburg is home to people from all over South Africa and the neighbouring countries. We leave our loved ones behind to head to the city of gold hoping to find work and business opportunities. This city called Msawawa, has no time for you, many have left it with diseases while others have indeed mined gold. If you’re reading this blog post from somewhere in Limpopo or KZN, and you probably have decided to join your brothers and sisters in Joburg, continue reading.

Let me highlight to you that even though it may seem like Jozi is where the money is, do not be surprised upon your arrival when there is no sign indicating where you can make genuine quick money. To make it here requires you to be very vigilant and positive. There will be times you wish home was just a train station away. Before you get excited, let’s sort out your accommodation.

I will presume, you are writing your final matric exms and headed to university or college thereafter – if you pass of cause. For you, life has not started as yet. I say this because your parents will still send you money and pay your accommodation on top of that. For those who are like many others with no means for varsity, here are accommodation options for you in Gauteng aka Maboneng:

A community hostel it’s a safe option until you can afford to pay rent. However, keep in mind that it helps to know someone there before you attempt taking the first bus to Jozi. Hostels have in the past housed immigrants who worked in mines and factories, today they are homes to many South Africans who either earn little or are still looking for employment.

Most popular form of housing, Shacks. Government is working very hard to get rid of informal settlements. Still you are bound to find many informal settlements around the province with shacks to rent. The rent is very low due to the poor living conditions but one should be very careful as fires gulp these shacks speedily in winter.

Renting a room either at someone’s yard mostly in locations like Tembisa and Soweto or in someone’s flat in the city centre. Just like any other dwelling there are challenges with room renting but it is better than nothing. Not only will you have privacy but it teaches you a thing or two about independence.

Renting a flat, only consider this option once you have a well paying permanent job. The same applies if you would like to rent a house.

Remember no one came to Joburg and made it instantly!

And bathing?

LOL! Unless you’re a nyaope addict, bathing is necessary. You will not get laid with smelly armpits. Do not worry though, let me sort you out.

Firstly, if you’re renting a room/shack and there are no available showers or baths. Buy a Skotel aka Mobile Bath Tub (don’t know what it’s called in English) which you can fit in. Tembisa has the best ones at Swazi-Inn, so do Marabastad in Pretoria and Small Street in Jozi. Your mornings should start early as you have to boil water using an electric kettle if you have electricity or paraffin stove if you don’t. Bring in Vaslap with Sunlight soap, and then you are sorted.

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