Friday, October 31, 2014

You will buy a Carvela after reading this!

Carvela shoe brand, one of the most expensive shoe brand in South Africa and a firm favourite for Pretorians, Limpopians and Skhothanes. As much as the shoe brand can at times force you to dislike any outfit teamed with it, Spitz is still capitalising effectively in areas where this shoe brand is famous and adored. I have an issue with Spitz though; their advertising is not strong and targeted enough. Whenever I see their ads in glossy magazines like True Love and Destiny, my stomach boils, then again I figured maybe I am just misinformed.

I closely looked at people who buy this shoe brand and immediately realised that there is more Spitz can do in terms of advertising to these people. So I compiled 5 things they need to do ASAP:

1. Music festivals – no need to target existing events but they should organise their own targeted at the younger crowds (18-25). Instead of just booking artists and hoping these groups will buy tickets, Spitz should create an amazing lifestyle experience themed around this shoe brand. Imagine tag lines that ooze partying and status? Now that will be a day they will trend for right reasons on social media.

2. Team up with a fashion designer who can design fun and wearable casual clothes. It does not end there, a fashion show that is not glamorous but has class at a pub like Caprivi or Moloko. The clothes need to be affordable and must scream buy me with a pair of Carvelas'.

3. They should focus more on university brand activations, especially around Pretoria and Limpopo. Not just once, they can combine these activations with point number 1. Sort of a build up, sign up for our newsletter get a free entrance at out next must festival kinda thing only if you wear your Carvelas'.

4. A great blog on how to care for shoes. No need for fancy stuff here, just a basic blog with useful info updated daily.

5.Taxi and bus branding. With clever tag lines and using models that their target market adore, Dr Malinga or AKA will do.

They must just hire a marketing agency to help them!
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