Friday, November 21, 2014

Chat with Durban's finest, Sandy Nene

Sandy Nene, the freshest and relevant Blogger in South Africa. His name features in Creatives meetings, branding agencies and everywhere in Durban. Sandile Nene not only makes Blogging so great but engages with fellow bloggers in South Africa like a professional. Forget Huffing Post, this Durbanite is one brand we all should be watching closely. I had a chat with him, and oh my...I am inspired!

Before you read this post, remember that he started from the bottom and it goes to show that nothing is indeed impossible as Mandela said. Enjoy!

Who is Sandy Nene apart from what we read online?

I'm Sandile Nene. A young boy from INK (Inanda, Ntuzuma and Kwamashu), just outside Durban. I am the first born and have four other siblings; two brothers and two sisters. I am obsessed with the internet and seriously want to marry the WiFi.

When and what sparked the love for blogging?

Telling stories. It started in 2012 when I was still a fashion student. Then dropped out but continued with it because of people's response and after landing my first radio gig, through blogging.

How is the blogging scene now as compared to when you started?

It isn't the same. Though I haven't been blogging for 'that' long, but I think it's way different now. It's growing so fast and as it grows, many people aren't doing it the right way. Also, many brands love associating themselves now, compared to back in 2012.

What is the name of your blog and what topics do you focus on?

Well I don't have one blog, I own and run three blogs; - On Point With Sandy Nene, where I write about anything and everything, from fashion, events and celebrity interviews. Then there's, which is strictly Durban news, talent, events and music and there's which is South Africa's first and biggest community for bloggers.

How do you market your content?

All my blogs are Social Media highly driven. I am a social media freak and I believe my blogs are where they are today because of my love and reliance on Social Media.

How important it is to market a blog according to you? What do you think works?

If you want to end up being a reputable blogger, doing it full time, it's important. You want good traffic, you want brands to start buying ad space, of course you need to start marketing your blog at an early stage.

Many would say you are good with networking as it is evident on your Social Media platforms. Please share key networking elements necessary to attract brands etc.

Be honest and be yourself.

Would you say there is a future for Bloggers in South Africa? If so, can blogging be a way to make a honest living?

I'm doing it full time. Of course there is.

Between, and, which one do you prefer and why?

I have all but I actively use and Wordpress is the BEST.

Picture from Sandile Nene's Facebook profile.
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