Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Renting a house or room in Tembisa

Staying in Tembisa brings with it aah and nooo moments(well, which place does not). When picking a place to rent in Tembisa, you should consider the following:

Firstly consider your budget. Rent is the most important, make sure you can afford it. Expect to pay between R700 for a room and over R2500 for a house.

Sections. There are approximately 25 sections to choose from. If you work in Jozi, consider Sangweni and sections close by due to transport and traffic. Taxis are accessible there so is the main road to Jozi.

Lifestyle. If you are a party person, a section like Hospital View may not be able to accommodate your house parties. I could be wrong, but landlords there do not really like tenants who constantly host parties.

Parking if you have a car. Not all yards have parking and if they do, not all are safe.

These will help you in making the right decision. Make sure you visit Caprivi or Busy Corner on weekends for a proper jol.
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