Thursday, January 29, 2015

What is happening at Modjadji Royal Hotel?

Anything and everything with the name"Modjadji" screams royalty, but it looks like Modjadji Royal Hotel's security personnel did not know this according to Capricorn Newspaper. Apparently they are renting out space at the hotel to couples who wishes to engage in "illicit sex". Read this juicy story here.

Monday, January 26, 2015

My man bag

Real man do own a bag or two. Right? Oh well,Here are good ones for 2015;

6 Inspirational champions from Tembisa

Renowned author, Harvey Mackay once said that to be a champion, you have to learn to handle stress and pressure. In essence that is true. Successful and inspirational people in my world are champions. Harvey Mackay inspired this list and I must say, Tembisa seem to have the best champions.

1. Hlogi Makau, owner of Caprivi Jazz Lounge
2. Bulelani Balabala, one of the best branding mavericks in Ekurhuleni. He owns IAF, a branding consultancy business based in Hospital View.
3. Sibusiso Leope who co-owns a successful record label that houses best artists in South Africa. Actually, Mzekezeke who is from Tembisa released few hits with them.
4. Determined Rita Zwane founded what is today known as Buzy Corner.
5. Tembisa Filmmaker, Themba Masingi.
6. Billy Selekane.

Your online profiles matter

I’m pretty sure someone has told you this couple of times or you may have read it somewhere. It is true, how you present yourself online is very important. We make the mistake of thinking that our online profiles do not matter, and many have burned badly. Believe it or not, wherever you have sent a curriculum vitae or a business proposal, your online profiles were perused.

Traditionally, employers and business associates (would be) rushed to verify qualifications, identity documents and employment history. Online reputations hardly mattered then - anyone can tell in a matter of minutes if you’re worth their time via your various online platforms.

Then what?

The reality is people will judge you accordingly, whether you like it or not. More like dressing for work never post anything online that present you in a negative light. Do not get me wrong, I am not saying be a robot; there is no need to post pornographic material unless that is your profession. The idea is to present yourself in a way that will get you noticed for the right reasons.

It is better to be safe than sorry, so before joining any online platform, determine exactly what you would like to be known for. This will give you an idea of what you should post and not post. Never make the mistake of being hip for being mean or undermining others. Online platforms are great, no doubt about that. Only those with defined online goals and are consistent succeed.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Santeng in Bolobedu

Looking for a place to party in Bolobedu? Check out Santeng. Dubbed Bolobedu Beach Soccer, expect vibey crowds and a proper jol.

Depending on where you come from, make sure you learn Khelobedu before you go there as majority of people who frequent Santeng speak Khelobedu.

Visit Santeng's Facebook page for more details.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Designers showcasing at SA Menswear Fashion week 2015

Yes! You heard that right. SA's first ever Menswear fashion week is finally here.


1. Naked Ape
2. Craig Port
3. Palse Homme
4. Maxhosa by Laduma

For full schedule, visit SA Menswear Week website.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

News from Bolobedu

There is lot going on in Bolobedu lately - from protests to rape cases. Let's see what is trending that side this week;

Remember the story of a woman who raped a man in Bolobedu? Drum magazine followed the story closely in court, and it does not look like she will get off that easily as it was previously suggested on social media. Rape is a serious crime.

IOL reported that villagers from Hlohlokwe, a village few km from Tzaneen are on strike. Read the full here.

Muthi-killing cases still troubling Limpopo. TimesLive covered a story regarding a woman found murdered and parts cut off in Bolobedu. A very sad story.

Motsipa Secondary School started first day of school badly with some students saying they regret being born in Limpopo. The school roof which blew off last year is still not repaired. EWN covered the story recently.

That is all from Bolobedu. 'Til next time!

Friday, January 02, 2015

Review – Blaque Magazine

I consider myself an avid magazines reader. I don’t know about you, but for me magazines remind me of so many things that we take for granted as people and also the stories that are often featured in magazines inspire me greatly. This week, on my reading desk is Blaque Magazine edited by Monwabisi Thethe. First time buying a copy, and this magazine did not disappoint!

The team behind the mag sound knowledgeable, but the magazine gives me the Bona (another magazines title) feel. Maybe it is just me. They have a gentleman by the name of Irfani Pardesi who I’ve never heard of. Expect to be inspired and revived by his story and others.

Do you remember Stevel Marc? Well, you will be happy to see him in shorts. He models on the fashion pages (not in Carducci) minus the afro. For now this magazine gets a 6/10 from me. Enjoy!

Image from Blaque's Twitter profile

Fame will not always pay the bills

A famous someone once said that entertainment business is not for famous-hungry wannabes’. I think it is for them, but as we all know that entertainment industry sells a fantasy, seldom something concrete and legit, he might be right. Sadly, majority of entertainers in South Africa fail dismally at positioning themselves as bankable brands. This causes many faces to disappear before making the actual “entertainment” work for them. What is the point of being famous while you’re on a negative bank balance?

A famous-hungry wannabe in my opinion is someone who is passionate about the industry and at the same time shows signs of determination and a will to succeed. However, often these qualities fade as soon as the going gets tough. Why?

The road to success is famous for being ruthless and challenging. Only the fittest do actually triumph as a result, success in this industry is seldom achieved on a whim. According to various sources, most start by aiming for the wrong things – fame. Fame is inconsistent in its nature and often is not sustainable.

A defined strategy is necessary when one is pursuing a career in entertainment as fame may bring various luxurious commodities not necessarily success. Arguably no one wants to be famous while struggling to make ends meet. It’s natural to aspire to financial success in any industry irrespective; however, in other industries such as this financial success requires more than just fame.

Why bother if you do not know how to package yourself uniquely? Entertainment industry in South Africa is as small as the village I’m from, and this should stop you from aiming at everything and anything.

We talk of personal brands in SA especially in entertainment circles but only few understand the work that goes behind building reputable personal brands in entertainment which actually brings in revenue.

Do you understand? If not, here’s an example:
Newspapers especially tabloids focus on the negative part of the entertainment business to make money. That is why they exist! They were created with a defined goal in mind, and that is to sell entertainment culture (gossip). The negative stories splashed on the covers sold by sensationalised headlines bring in advertisers and millions of readers.

Image from assimalhakeem

Anele Mdoda to MC True Love’s INSPIRED event

Self proclaimed president of Parkwood Entertainment SA aka “Beyhive”, Anele Mdoda, will be mastering True Love magazine’s Inspired event aimed at equipping ladies with life tools. The event will be hosted at the renowned Maslow hotel in Sandton on the last day of February. Be sure to get your tickets TODAY!

Masechaba Lekalake’s new gig
Building a reputable brand in SA’s fickle entertainment/media industry is not easy. Having just a dream will take you somewhere, definitely not where determination and persistent can take you. Masechaba Lekalake seems to be on the right track and if you ask me, she’s the one to look up to should you wish to pursue a reputable entertainment career.

Destiny magazine recently roped her in as a columnist. Her first column titled The Power of “NO” features on the January issue. Anele Mdoda is on the cover looking gorgeous as always.

Image by mediaslutza

The evolution of Brand Activations

Brand Activations are not always seen as crucial elements in business by most companies but that does not change the fact that they can be effective. At first, the idea of setting up a stage at a community shopping centre’s parking or having branded Brand Ambassadors in major grocery shops scared many marketing managers simply because they did not know how/where to start and who in the know to talk to. That has since changed with various marketing consultancy agencies catering to this crucial marketing need. While this is good, most brand activations campaigns fail dismally as they lack strong presence offline (surprisingly) and online.

Usually, offline is the starting point but many marketing managers do not know how to position their brands effectively in their chosen locations. Often this is caused by various mishaps including undefined objectives and brand road map. Budget allocated for brand activations seem to be the only motivation, which is sad and hampers brand’s potential reach. Online supports what is laid down already in this regard, but if there are no clear objectives, its supporting role will not exist.

Not every marketing campaign requires a brand activation exercise, and more so not every product/service under the sun. What really is lacking in most companies is that creative personnel who understand the game better. However, even with those that have hired agencies seem to pay for services that are creative but sometimes miss the boat. “Copy & Paste” method seems to be the flavour of the day with most agencies - what was executed for brand A is copied for the next.

Brand Activation 101
Never ever approach a brand activation exercise with a blind eye. Determine the why, what, who, where, how, and what else.

o Why is it necessary?
o What needs to be done?
o Who is the right person – internally or externally? Who are we targeting (customers – old or new)?
o Where – Location? etc.
o How – strategy, admin required, resources needed, communication, execution? Etc.
o What else? PR and Social Media campaigns.

With a job of this nature expect few delays. Always prepare yourself for irregularities regarding budget, personnel and many other things. There are various agencies you can hire to help you, two is better thhan one.

Image from graffiti


Mmabanyana is a word used to describe a boy who mostly prefers the company of girls, not boys as it is the “norm”. Every village or township has that boy who is always there by the corner with girls either playing or gossiping. Spectators and village dwellers look down upon these kind of boys. Their manhood is forever questioned if not probed by silly ones. Widely used in Bolobedu, Mmabanyana is used by older boys who do not understand and often believe that using this word will in fact force these boys to stop following girls around. Sometimes even the girls use this word when they feel threatened by these boys (imagine).

While I was sitting outside my family home minding my business this other day in Bolobedu, I overheard guys older than me going on about a certain boy in the village who is forever with girls they hate so much. Out of anger, I quickly rushed to the gate to have a look outside. There he was chatting up a storm with his group of girls. Well for me I did not see anything wrong; however, I did see myself in that boy.

I preferred playing Diketo (a game played by girls in townships and villages) with girls after school. Not even once did I feel the need to change for anyone, but there were times when boys my age would use that word concurrently to get a response from me in a forceful manner. It was hard growing up in a village where you knew for a fact that anytime, anywhere you would be paying for a crime you did not commit. It got worse at school as the bullies knew that the only way to get through to me was by using that word. Teachers did not have time for petty things, so the abuse continued. The change for me came when I stopped letting this hurtful word they used to describe me affect my mood or day.

That boy’s self esteem may suffer tremendously as a result of the mockery and remarks. What others fail to understand is that what they say to you has the potential of temporarily affecting your self esteem.

You become a stranger in your own village. Trying to seek for answers will leave you confused greatly; to a point where you will spend days trying to figure out what went wrong. You slowly disconnect from the going-ons of the village as you will no longer feel the need to pretend to be something you are not. There is nothing wrong with being yourself, however, you should always leave room for tears as some days you will be made to feel inadequate. Don’t just cry for too long.

Days of living according to what society perceives as the norm ended with apartheid. Everyone is free to live as they wish.

Image from teatreetells