Friday, January 02, 2015

Fame will not always pay the bills

A famous someone once said that entertainment business is not for famous-hungry wannabes’. I think it is for them, but as we all know that entertainment industry sells a fantasy, seldom something concrete and legit, he might be right. Sadly, majority of entertainers in South Africa fail dismally at positioning themselves as bankable brands. This causes many faces to disappear before making the actual “entertainment” work for them. What is the point of being famous while you’re on a negative bank balance?

A famous-hungry wannabe in my opinion is someone who is passionate about the industry and at the same time shows signs of determination and a will to succeed. However, often these qualities fade as soon as the going gets tough. Why?

The road to success is famous for being ruthless and challenging. Only the fittest do actually triumph as a result, success in this industry is seldom achieved on a whim. According to various sources, most start by aiming for the wrong things – fame. Fame is inconsistent in its nature and often is not sustainable.

A defined strategy is necessary when one is pursuing a career in entertainment as fame may bring various luxurious commodities not necessarily success. Arguably no one wants to be famous while struggling to make ends meet. It’s natural to aspire to financial success in any industry irrespective; however, in other industries such as this financial success requires more than just fame.

Why bother if you do not know how to package yourself uniquely? Entertainment industry in South Africa is as small as the village I’m from, and this should stop you from aiming at everything and anything.

We talk of personal brands in SA especially in entertainment circles but only few understand the work that goes behind building reputable personal brands in entertainment which actually brings in revenue.

Do you understand? If not, here’s an example:
Newspapers especially tabloids focus on the negative part of the entertainment business to make money. That is why they exist! They were created with a defined goal in mind, and that is to sell entertainment culture (gossip). The negative stories splashed on the covers sold by sensationalised headlines bring in advertisers and millions of readers.

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