Thursday, January 15, 2015

News from Bolobedu

There is lot going on in Bolobedu lately - from protests to rape cases. Let's see what is trending that side this week;

Remember the story of a woman who raped a man in Bolobedu? Drum magazine followed the story closely in court, and it does not look like she will get off that easily as it was previously suggested on social media. Rape is a serious crime.

IOL reported that villagers from Hlohlokwe, a village few km from Tzaneen are on strike. Read the full here.

Muthi-killing cases still troubling Limpopo. TimesLive covered a story regarding a woman found murdered and parts cut off in Bolobedu. A very sad story.

Motsipa Secondary School started first day of school badly with some students saying they regret being born in Limpopo. The school roof which blew off last year is still not repaired. EWN covered the story recently.

That is all from Bolobedu. 'Til next time!

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