Friday, January 02, 2015

The evolution of Brand Activations

Brand Activations are not always seen as crucial elements in business by most companies but that does not change the fact that they can be effective. At first, the idea of setting up a stage at a community shopping centre’s parking or having branded Brand Ambassadors in major grocery shops scared many marketing managers simply because they did not know how/where to start and who in the know to talk to. That has since changed with various marketing consultancy agencies catering to this crucial marketing need. While this is good, most brand activations campaigns fail dismally as they lack strong presence offline (surprisingly) and online.

Usually, offline is the starting point but many marketing managers do not know how to position their brands effectively in their chosen locations. Often this is caused by various mishaps including undefined objectives and brand road map. Budget allocated for brand activations seem to be the only motivation, which is sad and hampers brand’s potential reach. Online supports what is laid down already in this regard, but if there are no clear objectives, its supporting role will not exist.

Not every marketing campaign requires a brand activation exercise, and more so not every product/service under the sun. What really is lacking in most companies is that creative personnel who understand the game better. However, even with those that have hired agencies seem to pay for services that are creative but sometimes miss the boat. “Copy & Paste” method seems to be the flavour of the day with most agencies - what was executed for brand A is copied for the next.

Brand Activation 101
Never ever approach a brand activation exercise with a blind eye. Determine the why, what, who, where, how, and what else.

o Why is it necessary?
o What needs to be done?
o Who is the right person – internally or externally? Who are we targeting (customers – old or new)?
o Where – Location? etc.
o How – strategy, admin required, resources needed, communication, execution? Etc.
o What else? PR and Social Media campaigns.

With a job of this nature expect few delays. Always prepare yourself for irregularities regarding budget, personnel and many other things. There are various agencies you can hire to help you, two is better thhan one.

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