Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

How many times have you heard this term in meetings? I bet more than you care to count. I do not blame you, guerrilla marketing is another form of marketing that most people can’t point out an exact marketing exercise and classify it as such. Not that there isn’t one, however, there aren’t always many around to reference. Flash mobs are popular kinds of guerilla marketing and most brands prefer them. This does not mean guerilla marketing ends there. Someone once described guerilla marketing as “unconventional and inexpensive techniques with imagination, big crowds and a surprise element are used for marketing something”. There isn’t more one can say after reading that.

I guess the question is, are there agencies that can help with that?

Alliance Marketing – Does it work?

Alliance marketing can be quite confusing and intimidating at the same time. You have two brands that complement each other in one campaign from the same brand house or different vying for the same attention - where do you start and is there a correct way of doing this without compromising each brand’s USP (unique selling point)? Brands somehow shy away from this kind of a marketing method, they say it is risky and doesn’t always work. I fully understand where they are coming from, few brands get this right and even so it is still done with a reserved room for disappointments. For anyone wishing to embark on an alliance marketing soon, here’s what I think you should do.

- Research. Do not just assume that your partnership with a brand that complement yours will work. Assumptions killed many good campaigns. Conduct a survey either by mail or telephone, you will thank yourself later.

- I guess the research either told you yes or no. If yes, then analyse the report to a T in order to determine objectives, campaign message etc. Never settle for what is easy but what is right. If no, go find a better method suitable for you to market your brand.

From here-on, you know what to do. If not, consider getting in an agency to assist.

5 Reasons why you need to market regionally

I am one of those people who loves marketing. Campaigns that I see implemented in Tembisa, Katlehong, Voslo and Daveyton are some of my favourites as there is always something to learn from them. I often take it as far as congratulating or criticizing the campaign either on my twitter account or facebook. I guess you can call me a campaign finder and liker. Some of these campaigns are fantastically done while some appear to have lost a meaning in planning stages. As a Marketing Manager, you should try focusing on one goal at a time and work from there. Juggling too many balls in regional marketing doesn’t always work.

Regional marketing requires more than just a pretty ad in a local newspaper. There are so many things you will need to consider and research on before you even start with any regional marketing campaign. I often see ads and campaigns that one can easily tell there were done without a proper research exercise. Most are good but are not talking to the targeted audience as they are either copywritten broadly in a manner that does not address the needs of the targeted market. Same with campaigns. Let’s look at why is it necessary to market regionally;

1. Campaigns specifically targeted at a certain location or area work well, as one can address the target market’s specific needs and the results are often measurable depending on the type of a campaign implemented.
2. When you speak in a language that your audience understand, there is bound to be a better outcome.
3. Regional marketing is very much flexible. You can target more than two locations in one region with one suitable campaign.
4. It’s one of the effective ways to gather feedback from customers in real time. Reports (gathered nationally on a whim) might say something completely different about how customers perceive your brand compared to one-on-one conversations with customers.
5. Some products sell better in certain areas. Why not invest in that are? I don’t see why you shouldn’t.

A newly formed regional marketing agency, Tembisa On Record aims to assist brands in this regard.

Free Sample Marketing in the East Rand

Growing up in Limpopo, we sometimes risked being beaten up for coming home late from school because of a small scale concert we often attended after school at the local shop. We loved those concerts as they gave us free samples (food, tea bags, washing powder and many more) and always had one of a kind entertainment that was just what we needed after a busy day at school. Joko was one of the brands we saw a lot. Then I did not know those mini concerts were brand activations mixed with free sample marketing. I must say they worked really well and I do not see a lot of them lately whenever I visit home.

Joko had a good mix. However, one doesn’t always need to mix brand activation and a free sample marketing even though it might give you more in exposure and ultimately sales when mixed together. In the East Rand, it can work either way. However, make sure you know exactly what you would like to achieve, then work from there. Marketing is not one size fits all, treat it carefully so you can get the results you are looking for.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Shoki Sebotsane on TV

She is one of the best on TV as far as acting is concerned and she is not shy to speak Khelobedu when the role requires. Here are some of the shows Shoki Sebotsane acted on;

1. Death of a Queen as Grace Lerothodi. This role really showed off her acting skills. She was raw and did everything in her power to shine.
2. Muvhango as Tumi Mokoena. Tumi was not really a hit.
3. Patricia as Naomi's worst nightmare on Rhythm City. Combine two talented ladies in one or two scenes, you are bound to hit a jackpot.
4. Rachel's mom on Skeem Sam.

Monday, March 09, 2015

9 Marketing Champions in South Africa

In marketing you are as good as your last marketing campaign. It takes a while to build a reputable marketing career and as the industry is constantly evolving it takes a special champion to build a career that has longevity and is consistent.

1. Thebe Ikalefeng of Brand Leadership. The company was established in 2002 by Thebe and his partner.
2. DNA Brand Architects founder, Sylvester Chauke. He is well….a game changer. He headed the marketing department at Nando’s.
3. Mathew Buckland. Managing Director of Creative Spark.
4. Craig Rodney also a Managing Director at one of the best agencies according to me, Cerebra.
5. Jason Stewart of HaveYouHeard.
6. Zibusiso Mkhanazi, CEO of KrazyBoyz Digital.
7. Travelstart’s social media and marketing guy, Nick Paul.
8. Jacques du Preez, owner of Provantage Media.
9. Zeyad Davids, co-founder of M&C Saatchi Abel.

There are so many but I decided to focus on these ones for now. I will try to compile another one.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Web Presence - Moilaconnects

Often entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that once the business is registered, marketing the business will be as easy as one, two and three. It is not easy especially if you do have a website. A website is crucial as more and more customers search for companies and services on the internet. You need to be where the customers are and while you are there, solve their problems. Afterall businesses exist to solve people’s problems.

TYM blog is currently profiling entrepreneurs who are making positive moves. The Veggies Company was first, second on the list is a web design company, Moliaconnects run by Moleteng John Maepa, an astute Web Developer.

When was Moilaconnects established?

Moilaconnects is a web design and creative agency established in 2009. We specialise in graphic design, website development and hosting services.

What were some of the earliest challenges Moilconnects encountered?

We had to educate our clients and try to show them why the old traditional ways of doing business are no longer convenient at this stage. As most businesses are run by senior citizens who aren’t as yet fully versed with technology, educating them has been challenging and fulfilling at the same time. We came up with different innovative solutions that assist them run their business effectively. When a business entity is equipped effectively, it becomes profitable.

What services does Moilaconnects provides?

Web design and hosting.
Mobile app development.
Cloud based Softwares.
Graphic design.
Motion pictures.
Data capturing and management

What does Moilaconnects offer that you cannot get somewhere else?

Mmmmmm…it is hard to point out what we do. We are an innovative agency - you come with your problems and we will develop systems that will make your problems a thing of the past.

With our cloud based systems and software you can run you office on the go; imagine having the inter office just a click away. You can manage employee performance and track productivity. We develop CRM, HRM and CMS systems that are customised to make running a business smooth. Joining our team will make you have a piece of mind knowing that your business is well taken care off.

Who is the target market?

Anyone who is looking for a life changing service is our target market. We service both private and the public sector.

How and where do you market Moilaconnects?

We invest in print, online adverts and SMSes. Joining and supporting social events also help in getting our services to people.

Are these marketing avenues bringing in any business, if so, what do you think works when marketing this kind of a company?

Getting your business out there will always bring customers, YES! It is working.

Lastly, where to from here?

We will continue to improve businesses through various technological innovations and security. We are building a world class online creative agency to provide seamless IT consulting, website development and hosting infrastructures. We are improving lives.
Visit or our self-services hosting website

Moilaconnects Contact Details

Moleteng John Maepa
Founder and Senior Web Developer
C: 073 467 9590

Friday, March 06, 2015

Driven To Succeed - The Veggies Company

"Always try to push the envelope. Get creative and innovative." - Riaad Moosa

TYM blog will be featuring prominent businesses in and around the East Rand. The aim is to promote entrepreneurship and to applaud those who are making positive moves regardless. If you are an entrepreneur, please forward your details ASAP.

The Veggies Company based in Tembisa is first on line, their story will force you to stop complaining and hopefully start something positive in your community.

When was The Veggies Company established?

The Veggies Company started on the 5th of February 2015, funny enough it was inspired by this post I posted on Facebook: Following the recent looting in Soweto, I still say we blacks are lazy. There's so much business ideas in the townships. We too scared to pursue them. I'm working on something and will implementing it tomorrow. I'll keep u posted. #‎watchthisspace‬ #‎thinkingoutofthebox

After I posted this I never looked back and I will be doing my first deliveries tomorrow (6th of March).

What were some of the earliest challenges encountered?

This will be my second try into business, as I was and still doing corporate and promotional clothing and gifts, but because on the competitiveness of the industry I was not doing well and had to get a job. I have received great response, although the challenge with most people is the fact that we work on subscriptions which is something they are not used to and also that we are still new.

What services does The Veggies Company provides?

We offer fresh vegetable hampers delivered at your door step for 4 weeks every week for a once-off subscription fee starting from R180.00 to R230.00.

What does The Vegies Company offer that you cannot get somewhere else?

We saw a gap in the market for a vegetables delivery service. Not forgetting that Tembisa and other townships don't have such services, in fact Gauteng at large. We offer fresh veggies delivered every week, at your doorstep for an affordable price. Hence convenience and value for money.

Who is your target market?

Our target market is the working class, households that understands convenience and wouldn’t mind paying for it.

How and where do you market The Veggies Company?

We recently placed an ad in Tembisa News and Clayville Express. We are also on Facebook.

Are these marketing avenues bringing in any business, if so, what do you think works when marketing this kind of a company?

Because this was just our first ad, the response was not so great, but we believe going forward will do better.

Lastly, where to from here?

We will be embarking on an extensive marketing drive from flyer distribution, mobile trailers, local newspapers and a website. Our vision is to offer our products/services to the whole of Tembisa and surrounding areas, and expand to other townships and suburban areas in Gauteng. People are too busy lately so our service is the next best way of buying vegetable for your home. Every household eats vegetable every week if not daily!

To find out more about The Veggies Company, send an email to or call them on 073 063 7857. 'Till next time, enjoy whatever it is you're doing!

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Flirting with Cars

Shopping for a car is more like flirting. You end flirting with more than one until you find your one. However, that flirting often leads you from one to over ten willing flirters. It takes a while though to get exactly what you are looking for as there are certain unique specs in car “A” which you will not get in car “B” or “C”. I spent a little time this week looking at cars currently in the market, and decided if I were to buy one, definitely choose one of these;

1. Audi S1
2. VW Touarage
3. Mini Cooper (The new one with five doors)
4. Kia Soul
5. Opel Adam
6. Mercedes Benz C-Class C200
7. Citroen C4 Picasso Intensive
8. Mazda6

Which one of these is your favourite? Tweet or Facebook me.