Wednesday, March 25, 2015

5 Reasons why you need to market regionally

I am one of those people who loves marketing. Campaigns that I see implemented in Tembisa, Katlehong, Voslo and Daveyton are some of my favourites as there is always something to learn from them. I often take it as far as congratulating or criticizing the campaign either on my twitter account or facebook. I guess you can call me a campaign finder and liker. Some of these campaigns are fantastically done while some appear to have lost a meaning in planning stages. As a Marketing Manager, you should try focusing on one goal at a time and work from there. Juggling too many balls in regional marketing doesn’t always work.

Regional marketing requires more than just a pretty ad in a local newspaper. There are so many things you will need to consider and research on before you even start with any regional marketing campaign. I often see ads and campaigns that one can easily tell there were done without a proper research exercise. Most are good but are not talking to the targeted audience as they are either copywritten broadly in a manner that does not address the needs of the targeted market. Same with campaigns. Let’s look at why is it necessary to market regionally;

1. Campaigns specifically targeted at a certain location or area work well, as one can address the target market’s specific needs and the results are often measurable depending on the type of a campaign implemented.
2. When you speak in a language that your audience understand, there is bound to be a better outcome.
3. Regional marketing is very much flexible. You can target more than two locations in one region with one suitable campaign.
4. It’s one of the effective ways to gather feedback from customers in real time. Reports (gathered nationally on a whim) might say something completely different about how customers perceive your brand compared to one-on-one conversations with customers.
5. Some products sell better in certain areas. Why not invest in that are? I don’t see why you shouldn’t.

A newly formed regional marketing agency, Tembisa On Record aims to assist brands in this regard.

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