Friday, March 06, 2015

Driven To Succeed - The Veggies Company

"Always try to push the envelope. Get creative and innovative." - Riaad Moosa

TYM blog will be featuring prominent businesses in and around the East Rand. The aim is to promote entrepreneurship and to applaud those who are making positive moves regardless. If you are an entrepreneur, please forward your details ASAP.

The Veggies Company based in Tembisa is first on line, their story will force you to stop complaining and hopefully start something positive in your community.

When was The Veggies Company established?

The Veggies Company started on the 5th of February 2015, funny enough it was inspired by this post I posted on Facebook: Following the recent looting in Soweto, I still say we blacks are lazy. There's so much business ideas in the townships. We too scared to pursue them. I'm working on something and will implementing it tomorrow. I'll keep u posted. #‎watchthisspace‬ #‎thinkingoutofthebox

After I posted this I never looked back and I will be doing my first deliveries tomorrow (6th of March).

What were some of the earliest challenges encountered?

This will be my second try into business, as I was and still doing corporate and promotional clothing and gifts, but because on the competitiveness of the industry I was not doing well and had to get a job. I have received great response, although the challenge with most people is the fact that we work on subscriptions which is something they are not used to and also that we are still new.

What services does The Veggies Company provides?

We offer fresh vegetable hampers delivered at your door step for 4 weeks every week for a once-off subscription fee starting from R180.00 to R230.00.

What does The Vegies Company offer that you cannot get somewhere else?

We saw a gap in the market for a vegetables delivery service. Not forgetting that Tembisa and other townships don't have such services, in fact Gauteng at large. We offer fresh veggies delivered every week, at your doorstep for an affordable price. Hence convenience and value for money.

Who is your target market?

Our target market is the working class, households that understands convenience and wouldn’t mind paying for it.

How and where do you market The Veggies Company?

We recently placed an ad in Tembisa News and Clayville Express. We are also on Facebook.

Are these marketing avenues bringing in any business, if so, what do you think works when marketing this kind of a company?

Because this was just our first ad, the response was not so great, but we believe going forward will do better.

Lastly, where to from here?

We will be embarking on an extensive marketing drive from flyer distribution, mobile trailers, local newspapers and a website. Our vision is to offer our products/services to the whole of Tembisa and surrounding areas, and expand to other townships and suburban areas in Gauteng. People are too busy lately so our service is the next best way of buying vegetable for your home. Every household eats vegetable every week if not daily!

To find out more about The Veggies Company, send an email to or call them on 073 063 7857. 'Till next time, enjoy whatever it is you're doing!

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