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Web Presence - Moilaconnects

Often entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that once the business is registered, marketing the business will be as easy as one, two and three. It is not easy especially if you do have a website. A website is crucial as more and more customers search for companies and services on the internet. You need to be where the customers are and while you are there, solve their problems. Afterall businesses exist to solve people’s problems.

TYM blog is currently profiling entrepreneurs who are making positive moves. The Veggies Company was first, second on the list is a web design company, Moliaconnects run by Moleteng John Maepa, an astute Web Developer.

When was Moilaconnects established?

Moilaconnects is a web design and creative agency established in 2009. We specialise in graphic design, website development and hosting services.

What were some of the earliest challenges Moilconnects encountered?

We had to educate our clients and try to show them why the old traditional ways of doing business are no longer convenient at this stage. As most businesses are run by senior citizens who aren’t as yet fully versed with technology, educating them has been challenging and fulfilling at the same time. We came up with different innovative solutions that assist them run their business effectively. When a business entity is equipped effectively, it becomes profitable.

What services does Moilaconnects provides?

Web design and hosting.
Mobile app development.
Cloud based Softwares.
Graphic design.
Motion pictures.
Data capturing and management

What does Moilaconnects offer that you cannot get somewhere else?

Mmmmmm…it is hard to point out what we do. We are an innovative agency - you come with your problems and we will develop systems that will make your problems a thing of the past.

With our cloud based systems and software you can run you office on the go; imagine having the inter office just a click away. You can manage employee performance and track productivity. We develop CRM, HRM and CMS systems that are customised to make running a business smooth. Joining our team will make you have a piece of mind knowing that your business is well taken care off.

Who is the target market?

Anyone who is looking for a life changing service is our target market. We service both private and the public sector.

How and where do you market Moilaconnects?

We invest in print, online adverts and SMSes. Joining and supporting social events also help in getting our services to people.

Are these marketing avenues bringing in any business, if so, what do you think works when marketing this kind of a company?

Getting your business out there will always bring customers, YES! It is working.

Lastly, where to from here?

We will continue to improve businesses through various technological innovations and security. We are building a world class online creative agency to provide seamless IT consulting, website development and hosting infrastructures. We are improving lives.
Visit or our self-services hosting website

Moilaconnects Contact Details

Moleteng John Maepa
Founder and Senior Web Developer
C: 073 467 9590

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