Sunday, April 05, 2015

Is Diversity Marketing Important?

A friend asked me the other day if diversity marketing works, I proudly said yes. Further said that everyone is doing it just a few willing to invest a little more to get it right. Diversity marketing does not always require one to invest millions but just a creative person or agency to direct the campaigns in that framework effectively. For instance, if you’re considering running a brand activation in Giyani, get someone who speaks Xitsonga and who understand that market properly. That already gives your brand an upper hand. Because the message is relayed potential customers using the language they understand by someone they probably relate to, suddenly your brand appears to be part of them. It is just amazing how small things in marketing contribute to the bigger picture. We can argue the whole day on whether diversity marketing works or not just like with any other marketing activity but that won’t mean one should not invest in it.

Sounds easy to do, right? Well, here’s what you should consider before you try it;

Step 1: Look at who buys your products/services more. Don’t assume, make sure you conduct a proper research.

Step 2: Once that is determined, build an internal or external team to come up with creative ways to engage with those buyers. Remember the goal is not to make sales instantly but to build long lasting relationships with customers.

Step 3: Avoid “cut & paste” tactics. Focus on what works, do away with “but brand A did this and that”.

Step 4: Go on and do what you need to do.

If these steps don’t work for, consider getting someone who can train you on how best to do it looking at your scenario. This might help you tremendously.
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