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Flyer Distribution Agencies in Ekurhuleni

Flyer distributions does work provided they are done strategically rather than just distributing for the sake of distributing. However, companies find that often they do not have the time nor the manpower to carry out flyer distributions. There are also many other factors that discourage companies to even think of a marketing activity such as flyer distribution. Here are agencies one can hire;

1. Tembisa On Record - regional/location marketing specialists.
2. Snacks Limited.
3. Leechie Marketing

Friday, May 22, 2015

Sobert’s Own Products

The salon/nail bar giants launched their own range of various beauty products available at most Clicks stores and Sorbet Salons in South Africa. Sorbet is not one to just be “ok” with the success the brand overall enjoys thanks to their strings of franchised salons. Where do you even begin to list their achievements to date? What you see with them is what you will get and pay for but I am pretty sure no one expected them to add another exciting element to the brand. I am not sure which one between the Sorbet Man salon and the products was launched first, but what I know is that the Sorbet brand is growing organically yet rapidly.

They clearly advertised their beauty products but hardly hyped them. With them they do not have to do much advertising as their loyal fans have since turned into loyal brand ambassadors both offline and online.

Kudos to them!

Scriptwriting in South Africa

What is that? There won’t be a TV show without scripts even reality TV shows not a movie either. Scriptwriters are the ones who come up with story-lines and ultimately writes the lines in cases of a soapie or TV series. However, they still produce script writing work different to that of a soapie for a magazine or a lifestyle show.

Script writing is probably one of the most underrated and unpopular careers in both film and TV industry. Even viewers hardly pay attention to writers of a show they watch religiously, however, that does not mean script writing is a dead end career. Just like copywriting, one needs to be creative and have strong writing skills in a variety of formats because today you might be tasked with writing a commercial tomorrow a big budget TV production. Phathu Makwarela has to be one of the well-known scriptwriters in South Africa thanks to social media and his brilliant story development acumen. According to media reports Phathu started at Muvhango then lent his creative genius to renowned Ferguson Films production, Rockville which aired on Dstv’s Mzansi Magic.

Apart from Phathu, there are plenty of trained and untrained scriptwriters in South Africa. But what I would like to focus on is mainly entertainment shows like Zaziwa. These kind of shows can be scripted by journalists, bloggers and copywriters providing they have a good understanding of what works currently. I just feel that inviting the mentioned to table reads and early stages production meetings can be beneficial to a show. Bloggers for instance are actually the new viewers in the “viewers”. They spot trends long before content producers and their writing is less complicated. It might sound risky but believe me when I say is doable.

Do you think this will work? If so, email

Candy Mokwena – Why her solo career took so long to take off?

No one has ever made Khelobedu lyrically commercial quite like Candy Mokwena. Before the hype with the famous song she did with Oskido, the only people who took her seriously were those that knew her from Shakabundu Girls, a group she was in with Nurse who’s often seen performing with her as a backup dancer. Besides those fans, traditional music lovers also loved her and bought her music. Actually most of the commercial Limpopo based radio stations have supported her from day one playing her music even though some of the listeners from other provinces barely knew who she was. The media also did their part but it was not enough due to a number of reasons. One being that her music then was mostly sung in Khelobedu and Tsonga. How many Tsonga and Khelobedu speaking people do we have in South Africa?

Careers take forever to build especially ones in entertainment. Traditional music on the other hand is not really that popular in South Africa with Maskandi dominating the genre. Candy started her music career a long time ago, and watched R&B dominates, later Kwaito. But she stuck to what she excelled in, traditional music. However, a lot can be said about her journey but none can come close to what she was able to do with such a strong traditional song, Tsa Mandebele. Clearly Oskido knew what he was doing but the circumstances leading to that song being released goes to show that when God shows off, he does indeed.

Before that she did another hit with the twins duo, Revolution. The song was played everywhere in taverns around Bolobedu. To Bolobedu residents it was more than just a song but a celebration of another sort not even related to the lyrics of the song loosely translated “cousin, please borrow me your sneakers, I forgot mine at home under the bed. We are showing off dancing in sneakers.” It meant a lot that one of our own was singing one of the best songs composed decades ago by our grandmothers. To add to that she made sure she interacted with fans there answering all sorts of questions whenever she got a chance.

Candy will is good combining her passion for traditional music with what sells currently but not using her love for amazing fashion gowns to her advantage. Nowadays even the fact that you can simply combine music with your love for finer things to build a good reputable brand no matter where you are.

Pearl Modiadie – The Golden Girl from Tembisa

A Tembisa based organization responsible for putting together Miss Tembisa and Miss Teen Tembisa said that Pearl Modiadie is one of the best roles models the infamous pageant has produced. While Miss Tembisa is growing each year, Pearl Modiadie is also doing her own growing – from youth shows, acting to content producing. While the rest of the country might like seeing her interviewing stars on Zaziwa, she recently told True Love magazine that she is currently looking into taking her brand to another level. Wait, isn’t her brand on another level already? Well, not quite. Don’t get me wrong she is a good girl and does her job brilliantly but she’s nowhere near “another level”. At the moment, her brand solely rides in between 5s not yet 6s or 7s even. When you are at 5s, you are at that stage where you feel if you do not implement strategic brand/career building moves, you might become stagnant. Not bad for a girl who is humble but not great either for a young career woman who sees herself becoming a reckoned entertainment brand in South Africa.

Pearl Modiadie’s brand is currently confusing with no targeted and strategic approach. Her show on one of the national broadcaster channel is lifestyle content driven watched by a rainbow of a target market difficult to pin point. On the other hand, the radio show she’s currently on talks to the social media survey, career driven listeners. Am I confused? Maybe I am but I know that she would like to take her shining career to another level. To go anywhere as an entertainment brand, the social media survey, aspirant crowd is where you should be so they say. But that strategy doesn't work for everyone, in fact, target markets are not the same as such they should be approached differently. In Pearl’s case, she should define her target market effectively then take it from there.

On defining target market, have you noticed lately how brands are so lazy to do amazing things especially regionally? While hiring big stars for a brand activation campaign in Tembisa might serve a brand well, hiring a regional or local one will be definitely breaking boundaries and speaking to a local/regional market brilliantly. They should it try it more.

Bonang Matheba on Social Media

Before social media, previous TV presenters relied on Talent Managers to get their names out there and ultimately attract jobs that were often offered to a selected few. Back then, TV presenting was more of a “famous” boat or so it seemed. “It girl” of that time, Vinolia, famous for presenting a then famous youth show, Jam Alley, made it look that way. Even though she had talent, the fickle entertainment industry soon swallowed her faster than that word. There was no twitter or Facebook which made it easy for gossip magazines and media in general to destroy her brand, a fall headed by her mischievous behavior. Besides, PR consultants at that time were not really active in the entertainment circles. So saving one’s falling star was challenging, often outright difficult hence Vinolias’ fell so quick.

Enters Queen B just in time with social media. Probably the only successful TV presenter we have in South Africa, Bonang Matheba, is using social media very well to stay relevant and marketable. While a lot can be said about her blocking those that disagree with her and haters on twitter, one thing is clear, her social media strategy works.

“In 2009 she hired an agent, a manager, a PR consultant and a personal assistant to shape the direction she wanted her career to take”, wrote Thandi Skade in Destiny magazine March 2013 issue featuring Bonang. Clearly the people she hired are well tuned, look at her now. She on the other hand is doing whatever it takes to build an empire she always threatens to build one day. I don’t know about you but something tells me, Ms Matheba might follow the likes of Pepsi Pokane and go the entertainment entrepreneurial route fulltime soon. She has established Bonang Matheba Entertainment but part from the online show and that SAMA red carpet show she produced, nothing concrete has been done by the company since then.

Social media for individuals is tricky especially when you are in the public eye. Keeping in mind that both your personal and professional business is anyone’s business by default without your authorization. Bonang knows this too well so does most entertainers who are on social media. What makes her standout is clearly the fact that whatever she posts is selling her, elevate, and complements her well planned brand strategy. But why do her shows fail on ratings? Well, not everything online translates to other mediums all the time no matter how big of a brand you are but it helps massively having a healthy engaging following on online platforms.

Bonang Matheba is proving that having a solid brand strategy in place helps elevates one’s brand but having a social media strategy completing the brand strategy takes you to another level and most importantly brings in that uniqueness factor you hear people talking about. Your brand stands out and commands respect both offline and online, imagine the opportunities that will come your way when you have a healthy yet human image everywhere. So how does one achieve that?

Email to find out.

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Tau Ya Masepeng - Guest Blogging

Apart from this blog you are reading now, I also blog on The Tembisan regularly as mentioned before and also guest blogged on Youth Village and recently on Fana The Purp. I will be continuing on the latter until further notice as I am extremely busy running Tembisa On Record.

1. Youth Village - That Sunday Afternoon……….
2. Fana The Purp - Khelo Kheo Kha Maabane.

Thank you for your continued support! I love you all!

Tau Ya Masepeng blog on Tembisan

I also blog on The Tembisan newspaper. Some of the blog posts were/are also published on the printed addition. Here are few I have written so far;

1. Xenophobia can be avoided.
2. Winter in Tembisa.
3. What you should know about nyaope.
4. Reasons why tenants dislike ‘ma-stand’.
5. Renting in Tembisa.
6. Tembisa on television.
7. Some days are better than others.
8. Where to sell fruit and vegetables in Tembisa.
9. Where is the party at in Tembisa?
10. Stars are born here.
11. Education is not the problem, we are.
12. Establishing and running a fast food business in Tembisa.
13. The great wall of Tembisa.
14. 10 things no one tells you about Tembisa.

Visit Tembisan on daily basis for more on local stories. And to read TYM blog section.

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Marketing for SMEs in Johannesburg

Peter Drucker once said that "the aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself." To this day, everything I do in marketing is guided by his statement. Marketing is one function of a business that is often underestimated and business owners forget that without marketing, no one will know that you exist. If you do not know where to start, look at starting with the following;

1. Brand Activations.
2. Free Sample distributions.
3. In-store promotions.
4. Flyer distributions.
5. Social media.

Content supplied by:
Tembisa On Record - regional/location marketing specialists.
Twitter: @TembisaOnRecord
Facebook:Tembisa On Record
Cell: 073 386 9264

7 Amazing Brands In SA

Shut the front door! Say what? I love brands that are not easily intimidated by competition and market themselves so effectively it becomes hard to forget them (and easy to remember them). Here they are in no particular order;

1. Sorbet (Candi & Co and Sorbet Man).
2. Nandos.
3. Bonang Matheba.
4. Ndalo Media (Destiny and Destiny Man).
5. Unilever (Vaseline For Men).
6. Samsung.
7. Apple.

Brands are no longer about being old and boring, but about standing out from the crowd.

4 Hottest Smartphones of 2012

We use our smartphones for so many things that we carry them everywhere we go. Often, our phones, accompany us to awkward places at time – not that they have a choice, but because we are highly dependent on them. Our lives revolve around them. In 2012, these are the smartphones that saw us spending money we did not perhaps have;

1.BlackBerry Bold 9900. I loved this phone so much! It only disappointed me as soon as it started freezing. Other than it was the best phone I have ever used.
2.Samsung Galaxy SIII. It was sold out at most shops that week it came out. Everyone wanted a piece of it.
3.Apple iPhone 4s. Two words: expensive and fully functional.
4.Nokia Lumia 900. I loved 3310 and 1110 better. Lumia was not my favorite at all.

So which one did you buy?

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Marketing a Fashion Show In South Africa

South African fashion industry is fastly growing in all its facets. It might not be similar to that of Paris or Milan, but the truth is that it is growing. David Tlale showed us last year that SA is not just a hotspot for movies, but it can hold its own in fashion on an international stage. Besides that, there are fashion designers in SA refusing to give up or settle for mediocrity. They are producing amazing garments that are stylish and practical.

Before we only knew of one or two fashion shows. At that time, it was just a matter of creating a platform for South African fashion designers to sell their “oh-my-god” garments. Things have changed since then with more and more fashion weeks introduced yearly in different towns and platforms. Creativity is in full supply especially from designers. Even brands are seeking major partnerships with many of the shows we see today and designers.

If you manage to score an invite as a fashionista you start worrying about what to wear as early as five weeks before the shows. Who wouldn’t? Often fashion weeks are a dream come true as they allow one to network with the right people in fashion and also the designers who are not always accessible to an ordinary fashionista. For those who put a fashion week together, preparations before the shows meant each every detail has to be attended to and finalised as early as possible with deadlines guiding the process.

As with any event in South Africa, marketing is hardly given a field day. I don't understand why organisers underestimate this important aspect? I think most make the mistake of only appointing PR specialists whom often focuses only on publicity and even that, there is still a long way to go. It is often not structured thus making tracking results difficult. Someone once told me that, budgets are not readily available to make sure the fashion shows are as widely marketed and marketing activities measured as effective as possible. To that, I responded and said that it is not about the budget but creativity. People are in good positions to influence decisions but because there are often so swamped with many other activities fail to think creatively as far as budgets are concerned.

Gone are the days of just hiring a PR and Marketing agency without defined briefs. How do you expect them to provide a magnificent service for you while you yourself do not even understand what you would like to achieve and how you envision their roles especially in your quest to achieving excellence?

A certain fashion show in South African last year failed on social media marketing. It was as if they did not know what they were doing. For me, I do not see why you should use the same content for all social media platforms without actually tweaking here and there so it suits the audience of that platform. Twitter, Facebook and others are not the same, therefore, they must not be approached the same way irrespective of whether it's a live event or not. Pay attention, it is not that difficult. This is not the only thing I have noticed but there were millions of them.

If you would like to learn more on how best to market a fashion show, please email

The Real Blogging Benefits

It might appear to you as if blogging is very easy. Let me tell you that it is not. Well, starting is very easy as anyone can be a blogger but keeping it up it's another issue altogether. Let me tell you how I started.

The year was 2011 when I had just left a reputable job at a good company in Randburg. I had been with them for over 7 months and, fortunately, discovered that I was not growing anymore both personally and professionally. So without any secured employment elsewhere, I decided to leave. I was sharing a flat with someone else at the time and planned to stay on even though I knew I could no longer afford rent. Anyway, unexpectedly I could not find a job as fast as I had expected. I decided to find something to do so long.

I decided that it will be quite amazing to have someone or a space where I can just complain and be inspired. Weird combination, right? Well for me I find that whenever I start complaining about something that went horribly wrong because of the decision I had made, there is often something to take home that is good at the end of the day. And that is inspiration and lessons. You will never know how to move forward if you do not learn from your mistakes. I loved my job but somewhere, something was not right and I later learned that if I continued there, I would have probably loathed waking up in the morning to go there.

I have read few blog when I decided to start my own. At first it was just for fun. I soon discovered that in fact I liked it a lot. Because I had no concrete plans as to where I wanted to be as a blogger just focused on writing everything and anything. I must tell you though it felt so good to read my work. If you read my blog entries in 2011 to date, you will see that I have grown since then.

Even though at times I felt my writing skills were not up to standard compared to other blogs, I decided to continue as I knew the only way to get it right was to practice daily. Up to this day, I still practice almost daily as my journey to perfection is a continuing that will never end. This other day I read an article about bloggers being lazy to brand and market themselves effectively. That was a wake-up call for me. Why didn't I read that before starting? The article basically touched on many things some of which are no longer relevant as blogging has evolved dramatically since then. Nonetheless, I devised a branding and marketing plan for myself. and it read as follows;

1. Blog posts - to focus only on topics that I could easily write on and passionate about. However, will not focus on just one topic or industry in order to fully develop my writing skills.

2. Enrolled for a Copywriting course - AAA was the perfect place to go. I learned so much about myself as a blogger and most importantly different writing techniques for different platforms offline and online.

3. Develop a content plan - list all industries and topics with sub-headings in a calendar format. For example, Fashion - man bag - publish in July. At first I feared committing to deadlines but soon discovered it helps greatly. Readers get used to a formula and once you miss a deadline they move to the next blog and in most cases never come back.

4. Content marketing plan - this has to be one of the most important tools for any blogger serious about blogging. Not only does it give you an overview of what to do and when, but also forces one to run an oiled blog. More like a business, a content marketing plan for me also helped in getting my name out there and securing an employment opportunity and guest blogging opportunities.

I have to tell you that there are thousands of bloggers in SA currently, they must not intimidate you. Focus on growing your brand and the right opportunities will find you. Not to say wait but you have to focus and work hard. If you need help drafting a content plan or brand and marketing your blog effectively email