Tuesday, May 05, 2015

4 Hottest Smartphones of 2012

We use our smartphones for so many things that we carry them everywhere we go. Often, our phones, accompany us to awkward places at time – not that they have a choice, but because we are highly dependent on them. Our lives revolve around them. In 2012, these are the smartphones that saw us spending money we did not perhaps have;

1.BlackBerry Bold 9900. I loved this phone so much! It only disappointed me as soon as it started freezing. Other than it was the best phone I have ever used.
2.Samsung Galaxy SIII. It was sold out at most shops that week it came out. Everyone wanted a piece of it.
3.Apple iPhone 4s. Two words: expensive and fully functional.
4.Nokia Lumia 900. I loved 3310 and 1110 better. Lumia was not my favorite at all.

So which one did you buy?

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