Friday, May 22, 2015

Bonang Matheba on Social Media

Before social media, previous TV presenters relied on Talent Managers to get their names out there and ultimately attract jobs that were often offered to a selected few. Back then, TV presenting was more of a “famous” boat or so it seemed. “It girl” of that time, Vinolia, famous for presenting a then famous youth show, Jam Alley, made it look that way. Even though she had talent, the fickle entertainment industry soon swallowed her faster than that word. There was no twitter or Facebook which made it easy for gossip magazines and media in general to destroy her brand, a fall headed by her mischievous behavior. Besides, PR consultants at that time were not really active in the entertainment circles. So saving one’s falling star was challenging, often outright difficult hence Vinolias’ fell so quick.

Enters Queen B just in time with social media. Probably the only successful TV presenter we have in South Africa, Bonang Matheba, is using social media very well to stay relevant and marketable. While a lot can be said about her blocking those that disagree with her and haters on twitter, one thing is clear, her social media strategy works.

“In 2009 she hired an agent, a manager, a PR consultant and a personal assistant to shape the direction she wanted her career to take”, wrote Thandi Skade in Destiny magazine March 2013 issue featuring Bonang. Clearly the people she hired are well tuned, look at her now. She on the other hand is doing whatever it takes to build an empire she always threatens to build one day. I don’t know about you but something tells me, Ms Matheba might follow the likes of Pepsi Pokane and go the entertainment entrepreneurial route fulltime soon. She has established Bonang Matheba Entertainment but part from the online show and that SAMA red carpet show she produced, nothing concrete has been done by the company since then.

Social media for individuals is tricky especially when you are in the public eye. Keeping in mind that both your personal and professional business is anyone’s business by default without your authorization. Bonang knows this too well so does most entertainers who are on social media. What makes her standout is clearly the fact that whatever she posts is selling her, elevate, and complements her well planned brand strategy. But why do her shows fail on ratings? Well, not everything online translates to other mediums all the time no matter how big of a brand you are but it helps massively having a healthy engaging following on online platforms.

Bonang Matheba is proving that having a solid brand strategy in place helps elevates one’s brand but having a social media strategy completing the brand strategy takes you to another level and most importantly brings in that uniqueness factor you hear people talking about. Your brand stands out and commands respect both offline and online, imagine the opportunities that will come your way when you have a healthy yet human image everywhere. So how does one achieve that?

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