Friday, May 22, 2015

Candy Mokwena – Why her solo career took so long to take off?

No one has ever made Khelobedu lyrically commercial quite like Candy Mokwena. Before the hype with the famous song she did with Oskido, the only people who took her seriously were those that knew her from Shakabundu Girls, a group she was in with Nurse who’s often seen performing with her as a backup dancer. Besides those fans, traditional music lovers also loved her and bought her music. Actually most of the commercial Limpopo based radio stations have supported her from day one playing her music even though some of the listeners from other provinces barely knew who she was. The media also did their part but it was not enough due to a number of reasons. One being that her music then was mostly sung in Khelobedu and Tsonga. How many Tsonga and Khelobedu speaking people do we have in South Africa?

Careers take forever to build especially ones in entertainment. Traditional music on the other hand is not really that popular in South Africa with Maskandi dominating the genre. Candy started her music career a long time ago, and watched R&B dominates, later Kwaito. But she stuck to what she excelled in, traditional music. However, a lot can be said about her journey but none can come close to what she was able to do with such a strong traditional song, Tsa Mandebele. Clearly Oskido knew what he was doing but the circumstances leading to that song being released goes to show that when God shows off, he does indeed.

Before that she did another hit with the twins duo, Revolution. The song was played everywhere in taverns around Bolobedu. To Bolobedu residents it was more than just a song but a celebration of another sort not even related to the lyrics of the song loosely translated “cousin, please borrow me your sneakers, I forgot mine at home under the bed. We are showing off dancing in sneakers.” It meant a lot that one of our own was singing one of the best songs composed decades ago by our grandmothers. To add to that she made sure she interacted with fans there answering all sorts of questions whenever she got a chance.

Candy will is good combining her passion for traditional music with what sells currently but not using her love for amazing fashion gowns to her advantage. Nowadays even the fact that you can simply combine music with your love for finer things to build a good reputable brand no matter where you are.
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