Friday, May 22, 2015

Pearl Modiadie – The Golden Girl from Tembisa

A Tembisa based organization responsible for putting together Miss Tembisa and Miss Teen Tembisa said that Pearl Modiadie is one of the best roles models the infamous pageant has produced. While Miss Tembisa is growing each year, Pearl Modiadie is also doing her own growing – from youth shows, acting to content producing. While the rest of the country might like seeing her interviewing stars on Zaziwa, she recently told True Love magazine that she is currently looking into taking her brand to another level. Wait, isn’t her brand on another level already? Well, not quite. Don’t get me wrong she is a good girl and does her job brilliantly but she’s nowhere near “another level”. At the moment, her brand solely rides in between 5s not yet 6s or 7s even. When you are at 5s, you are at that stage where you feel if you do not implement strategic brand/career building moves, you might become stagnant. Not bad for a girl who is humble but not great either for a young career woman who sees herself becoming a reckoned entertainment brand in South Africa.

Pearl Modiadie’s brand is currently confusing with no targeted and strategic approach. Her show on one of the national broadcaster channel is lifestyle content driven watched by a rainbow of a target market difficult to pin point. On the other hand, the radio show she’s currently on talks to the social media survey, career driven listeners. Am I confused? Maybe I am but I know that she would like to take her shining career to another level. To go anywhere as an entertainment brand, the social media survey, aspirant crowd is where you should be so they say. But that strategy doesn't work for everyone, in fact, target markets are not the same as such they should be approached differently. In Pearl’s case, she should define her target market effectively then take it from there.

On defining target market, have you noticed lately how brands are so lazy to do amazing things especially regionally? While hiring big stars for a brand activation campaign in Tembisa might serve a brand well, hiring a regional or local one will be definitely breaking boundaries and speaking to a local/regional market brilliantly. They should it try it more.
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